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4 Best Ways to Convert PDF Files to Amazon Kindle Format for Free

Today’s article is the answer to the question which is asked by one of our reader i.e. What are the best ways to Convert PDF File to Amazon Kindle Format for free? If you’re also looking for answer to the same question, then we’re sure you will definitely going to get the answer to question you’re looking for a long time.

Adobe PDF is one of the most popular file format for magazines, books, technical manuals and help files. And if you really like to read PDF files on your Kindle (ebook reader from Amazon), then there are four possible ways which you can use to convert PDF Files to Amazon Kindle Format for free.

Ways to Convert PDF Files to Amazon Kindle Format for Free

The Amazon Kindle is one of the most popular e-reader using which you can more than 1500 plus book to take with you where ever you go. And the bonus is that both kindle models the (k2 and the DX ) also have ability to store and read files for you. But one thing which every user facing is that they are not able to view PDF documents in Kindle format. But after reading this article users will be able to read these PDF documents if have any.

Below you are going to read about the different ways using which you can  Convert PDF Documents Into a Format for Kindle. So lets we start with first one

1. Convert PDF Pages to Images

The first thing you can do is to convert PDF pages to a series of images and then read them inside Amazon Kindle as a picture slideshow.

2. Request Amazon Team for Conversion

The second way is you can email attach PDF files and mail them to the Amazon team at and guess what, they will convert those files to AZW, a format that can be read from Kindle. But don’t forget to type “convert” in the subject section of the Email. Also keep that in mind that only non-DRM protected files can be converted into Kindle format, not the locked copyrighted content.

3. By Moving Text Files to Kindle Document

You can also open your files in Adobe Reader and save them as text and drag those text files into your Amazon Kindle’s document folder.

4. Download Calibre

And the last option is, you can download a free software program Calibre is able to do this conversion.

So using these different ways you can easily convert your PDF files to an Amazon Kindle format for free. But if you face any difficulties while following these ways, feel free to share with me.

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