10 Free & Best Office Suite for Linux 2023

Office Suite for Linux

One of the best and secure operating systems in the world of computers is Linux. However, one cannot conquer and utilize it to the optimum level with just the basic coding operations. To help the user with all their needs, the brilliant minds of the world have developed the best office suite to assist the user.

So in this article we’re going to share with your some of the free & best Office Suite for Linux.

1. CalligraSuite

Calligra_Suite for linux

To support the (KDE) Kool Desktop Environment, this particular office was born from KOffice. Apart from the basic tools, it consists of an e-book authoring tool, digital painter and plenty more. Though it has a weak word processor, it can import documents from Microsoft word.

2. Libre Office

libreoffice for linux

Written using C++, Java and Python, this office was born from Open Office. Apart from the word, spreadsheet and the slide creator, it consists of a math formula writer which helps in defining functions and incorporating them in other applications. Provided as the default office suite for Linux it is available in 114 languages.

3. Open Office

Open Office for linux

Also known as the Apache Open Office, it is an open source suite. Updated to import files from Microsoft office, this suite creates documents in ODF format. With a powerful word processor, it is on par with some of the best office suites throughout all platforms.

4. Soft Maker Office

SoftMaker Office for Linux

Developed in Germany this office suite is available in the professional package as well. Apart from the VBA-like tool, it also provides dictionaries. This makes it easy to identify errors in the integrated TextMaker, PlanMaker and the presentation maker.

5. StarOffice

StarOffice for linux

Released as a proprietary office suite, this office is one amongst the best. Equipped with several programs like HTML editor, web browser, email client and plenty more, it was later discontinued to support the open source community.

6. Siag Office

siag office for linux

Tightly integrated, free office package. It consists of the spreadsheet Siag, the word processor PW, the animation program Egon, the text editor XedPlus, the file manager Xfiler and the previewer Gvu.

7. Scribus

scribus for linux

Freeware desktop publishing tool, based on the free Qt toolkit. This office suite is specially designed for layout, typesetting and to prepare files for professional quality image. You can also create interactive PDF & animated forms and presentations.

8. Google Docs

Google Docs

It’s one of the best and simple web based office suite from Google.

9. Zoho Office Suite

Zoho Office Suite for linux

Web based office tool, aim to provide a comprehensive suite of application. Its offering lots of applications including word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, general business software and much more.

10. SSuite Office

ssuite for linux

Awesome office suite designed specially  to make work more easier at home and office. Its featuring enhanced interfaces with simple visual design and easy use, which can go head-to-head with Microsoft’s Office.

So what you think about all these office suites for Linux. Are you already using any of them? If yes, which one?

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