10 Best Conception & Pregnancy Apps for Android, iPhone & iPad

Conception & Pregnancy Apps

The evolution of Smartphones and the apps developed for them has really made life easy for us. Of late, we have seen that there are various health and fitness apps that help us to keep track of our calories, weight, blood pressure and many other things. The new apps in this field are focused towards women.

They are the apps to keep a track of conception and pregnancy. With so many developers, naturally there are many apps that relate to this and perform the same function. So in this article we will be checking out some of the best Conception and Pregnancy app for Android and iOS devices.

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1. Ovuline

Ovuline for iOS

This particular app helps women to track their monthly cycles. But the app works more efficiently by the frequency of data input. The more data you input, the more intelligently the app acts in determining the apt time for baby making. Apart from that the app also provides you with tips for day to day chances for conceiving. This app is available only for iOS.

Price: $0.99

Platform: iPhone, iPad

2. My Days

My Days

This is another app which is very similar to the Ovuline but the only difference is that this is for Android. It helps the user to track the ovulation and period. The user interface of My Days is pretty simple and allows you to enter you details like cycles, birth control and days of sexual intercourse.

Price: Free

Platform: Android

3. Pregnancy++


This is an amazing app available for both the android and the iOS. It tracks your details from the day you get pregnant. It lets you enter your personal data from day one and it then provides data about your due date and various other stuffs.

Price: $2.99

Platform: iPad, iPhone, Android

4. Belly Snaps

Belly Snaps

You want to break the news of your pregnancy with your friends in a creative way? Belly Snaps can do it for you. It lets you customize a picture with a cute pregnant banner to share the happiness and wonderful news.

Price: $0.99

Platform: iPad, iPhone

5. CineMama


This app lets you store you belly bump throughout your nine month duration of pregnancy. At the end it helps you to make it in to a cute movie with a soundtrack that you love.

Price: Free

Platform: iPad, iPhone

6. Pregnancy Food Guide

Pregnancy Food Guide

Women are generally aware of the diet that they should follow during pregnancy. But for the more diet conscious women this is a very helpful app. It features a detailed guide and chart and also a shopping list for diet products.

Price: $2.99

Platform: iPad, iPhone

7. Sculpt My Pregnancy

Sculpt My Pregnancy

Exercise is a must for everyone this app guides women as to the appropriate work outs to be done before, during and after pregnancy. This app also has videos and demonstration of exercises.

Price: $3.99

Platform: iPhone, iPad

8. Baby Names

Baby Names

This might prove to be a wonderful app for the future parents because that name of your baby remains with it for the rest of its life. It has a list of 30000 names. You can choose from them and save them as favourites.

Price: Free

Platform: iPhone, iPad, Android

9. Houzz Kids

Houzz Kids

You all have to plan the nursery schedule of your kid’s right from the pregnancy days. It gives you a guide for the perfect baby room with colours, decors and designs.

Price: Free

Platform: iPhone, iPad

10. Full Term

Full Time

Labour Contraction Timer – How do you know when is the right time for you to run to the hospital? This app lets you track your contraction so you know when the right time has arrived. It maintains a log which helps you maintain a track of your labour process.

Price: Free

Platform: iPhone, iPad

Note: You can try Contraction Timer which is a very similar app for android

While pregnancy apps offer a myriad of tools and information to assist you through potential conception and the ensuing pregnancy journey, nothing quite replaces professional medical advice and services. Whether you’re tracking your cycle to conceive or monitoring your pregnancy’s progression, confirming a pregnancy through a reliable method is pivotal.

For those seeking initial confirmation and possibly finding themselves navigating through an unexpected potential pregnancy, it’s crucial to consult with healthcare professionals who can provide accurate and confidential support. If you’re looking for a free blood pregnancy test clinic, consider exploring Ava Health, where compassionate care and a range of reproductive health services are readily available.

Engaging with a professional healthcare provider ensures you receive trustworthy advice, beyond what digital applications can offer, during such a vital period in your life.

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