7 Best Ways to Charge Your iPhone Faster

If you’re the one who’s not satisfied with your new iPhone device because of short battery life or because of time which it takes to charge up, then don’t miss to read this article. As in this opinion piece I’m going to share with you some ways to charge your iPhone faster or quicker.

We all know that iPhone is one of the greatest revolution in Smartphone space, but every user has one consistent complaint i.e. short battery life and the time it takes to charge up. So in this article I intend to share with you answer to question i.e. How to Charge Your iPhone Faster?

Previously we have cover some tip to improve android battery life of mobile and tablet, and today we’re covering how you can make charging bit faster.

1. Turn It Off

One of the easiest way to charge your iPhone faster is by turning it off, so that your device is not using any power while its charging. As this will cut down charge time.

2. Put your iPhone on Airplane mode

Sometimes you might not want to turn off your iPhone and the major reason is curiosity to know that, how much charge it has until you turn it back. But there is alternative to charge your iPhone quickly without turning it off. Simply you can put your device into
“Airplane Mode”, now this cuts phone connectivity and put your phone in passive state.

3. Use a Wall Charger

Use of a Wall Charger is only legit and fastest way to charge your iPhone, instead of charging it via a USB port. This is the Apple official way “for the quick charge” and you can do this by connecting your device to USB cable that came with the iPhone and Apple USB power adapter.

4. Keep It Cool

Do you know that charging of your iPhone also depend on the environment. Apple also states that “heat will degrade your battery’s performance the most”. So it’s recommended to put your device out of the sun or a hot car. Also remove cases and covers when you are charging your device. Apple also advices to keep your room temperature possible around 22 degrees Centigrade or 72 degrees Farenheit).

5. Speed Up USB Chargers

You can also speed up US B charging process, if you don’t have any other option. You can do this by removing all other USB devices that drawing power. Also keep in mind that your computer doesn’t go into standby and hibernation mode when charging your iPhone.

6. Battery Maintenance

If you properly maintain your battery, then you can also speed up the charging process. You can do this by applying advices given by Apple. For proper maintenance  of lithium based batteries, its mandatory to keep the flow of electron occasionally. So make sure to fully charge your mobile once a month after finishing the whole juice.

7. Don’t overcharge your iPhone battery

Make sure that you don’t overcharge your device battery because sometime this put lots of  strain on the battery which pulls electrons out of the line.

So these are some ways using which you can charge your iPhone quickly. So give a try to these tips and let us know that which tips help you more.

Image Credits Flickr, Ricky Lai

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