14 Best Finance Apps for Android 2014 Download

Best Finance Apps for Android

If we talk about the most widely used platforms for the Smartphones then it certainly has to be the Android. Owing to its wide usage, more numbers of developers have come forward with useful finance apps for Android. Quite obviously, finding the best Finance App for Android can get confusing for the Smartphone. Most importantly, users should go for the efficient and user friendly apps for their needs.

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Through this article, we will help you know about such Finance Apps that have become quite popular in the Android market. Take a look:

1. PayPal

Paypal for android

Almost everyone knows what PayPal is all about. It allows you to send and receive money through online transactions, and it takes just few seconds to do the same. So, this is a must have app for people who have to make transactions while on the move. In addition, the app will also let you to make online purchases.

Price: Free

2. Mint.com

Mint for android

They have already launched their official app for Android and you can download it for free. Even though it comes with plenty of features, but the most prominent one is the track and control feature.

Price: Free

3. Exchange Rates

Exchange rates for android

Like its name suggests, this Android app allows you in converting the currencies. This app offers the most recent conversion rate of each and every currency in the world.

Price: Free

4. Bloomberg

Bloomberg for android

Through this finance app for Android, you can get updates related to financial news, tips, and every movement of the stocks and shares. Finance analysts remain connected to this app 24×7.

5. E*Trade Mobile Pro

ETrade Mobile Pro for android

This Android app will allow you to sell and buy a lot of things right through your Android phone. It is a free app and offers total security.

Price: Free

6. Checkbook Pro

Checkbook Pro for Android

With the help of this free finance app, you can get rid of the hassles of paperwork. It will let you save record in most of the formats, access the files with just one touch, GPS, password protection, etc.

Price: $3.99

7. EMI Calculator

EMI Calculator for Android

This free app will help you plan your loan in a better way. Simply enter the loan amount and the amount you save every month, and the app will come up with the best EMI plan for you.

Price: Free

8. Financisto

Financisto for android

Through this finance app you will be able to add more than one bank account, even if they are of different types. It means that you will be able to access all the accounts simultaneously.

Price: Free

9. Expensify

Expensify for android

Use Expensify on your Android device to log expenses, capture receipt images and manage reports on the go! Even better, SmartScan will read your receipt images, fill out the expense details, and create a new expense

10. Personal Finance

Personal Fiance for Android

If you want a financial planner, but cannot afford one, then this is the best app for you. This powerful app for Android can perform most of the tasks of a financial planner, such as updates about the business and stock market, real time quotations of stock price, and many more.

Price: Free

11. Currency Converter

Currency Convertor for Android

Simple currency converter to track currencies around the world. With this app you’re also going to get graph currency pairs over time with related new on each currency.

Price: Free

12. Pageonce – Money & Bills

Pageonce - Money & Bills for android

Pageonce is a secure way to manage money on the go, Using this app you can organize & tracks your cash, credit cards, and pays your bills.

Price: Free

13. Money Lover

Money Lover For Android

You can manage your personal finance very easily using this app. Money Lover helps you budget and track your spending. Add financial details, like income from salaries, winnings, or sales, and enter your expenses from dating to travel and more.

Price: Free

14. EasyMoney

Easy Money for Android

Personal expense tracking app that combines a checkbook register, a bill reminder, a budget planner with an expense tracker. Featuring A simple and intuitive data entry system is combined with a wealth of easily accessible financial information.

Price $9.95

So these are best finance app for android, but if you feel there are few more names which should be in this list, then feel free to share with us.

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