6 Alternatives Apps For National Weather Service

There are hundreds and thousands of weather applications in the stores now for cell phones, PCs laptops and other devices. All these apps are designed by private firms based on the information provided by NWS (National Weather Service) and others as well. The Weather Service has not made any application for cell phones till now.  It is strange that NWS has not made any app.

But NWS has prohibited its workers to provide information to the app developers. This was done because NWS did not want to provide its information for duplicate purposes. Following are some of the alternatives and weather apps for smartphones. Some of them still use NWS while some use their own resources or copy them from other source.

1. The Weather Channel


This is one of the most popular and famous weather forecasting apps so far. It provides daily information in quite pleasant manner. It shows temperature, UV index, humidity, etc. It updates the forecast hour after hour which makes it superior. You will get an update of 10-days weather in this app. It also contains a radar map. Severe alerts about weather are highlighted on the radar on order to make it clear to see.

2. WeatherPro


This app by its name is for the pros. It provides the weather update of seven days which update regularly after three hours. You will never miss any kind of weather information with this app. Its display is very fine that gives you the perfect feel about weather. It has realistic guides and many other things that are packed in a completely beautiful app. It includes some stylish widgets too.

3. WeatherBug


This app is actually used for daily weather update. But this app has got some interesting features that make it elegant. For example, it has got a feature that helps you to locate hurricanes, tornadoes and other climatic conditions. This app contains a built-in alert system for warning you about the weather conditions in your area. It also contains a weather map that shows images of the forecast, which will tell you the direction of the weather.

4. 1 Weather

One Weather

This is one of the most beautiful and simple weather apps for android phones. This app offers a set of interesting features. This app is something you need to test and use yourself. The entire application has got some great and cute animations. The app is swipe based and small animations like rotating sun, falling drops of rain, etc. appear continuously everywhere based on the weather. It contains same set of basic features that other weather applications include except that it has got some interesting animations as discussed above.

5. AccuWeather


The obvious choice is the best choice sometimes. That is one of the reasons why many people use this app. Simplicity is best sometimes. This app is very simple and elegant and provides standard features that you want to see in a completely featured application. It contains a 15 day weather forecasting service, radar, lifestyle forecast, videos and many other features.

6. Go Weather


It is a very lightweight weather app. There is a weekly weather updating available at the bottom of the app. This app is also very simple and elegant. If you want to see temperature and weather updates, then Go Weather is the app you are searching for.

Since NWS has stopped updating the weather applications, but there are millions of weather apps that are available on Google Play Store and Apple AppStore. So there is no need to worry if NWS is not providing information, there are millions of trusted resources.

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