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Everyday WhatsWithTech try to brings some cool tips and tricks to make your nerdy life easier and today I’m in front of you with something which is very unique and new.

Set Timer Using

If you’re looking for some trustworthy countdown timer online, which are easy to use with clear and simple user interface, then today article I’m in front of you with amazing tweak using which you can access to countdown timer online with alarm for free.

Glad to share with you that, Google finally has started an amazing countdown timer for free which which is easily accessible just by typing few texts and numerics. I know many people shoot their queries over Google Search seeking the same services daily but failed. Now it’s possible to make that thing happen just by typing few commands in the search box.

Even from the day started using I had no idea that it had a countdown timer/stop watch. Maybe it is new? I doubt it. Below I’m going to share  and easy guide on How to Set Countdown Timer Online for Free using It’s very easy to use all you need to do is:

1. First of all open “Google Search” in any browsers

2. Now in the search box, what you need to do a search for [set timer for X] i.e. “Timer 1 hour” or “timer 1 hour 15 minute ” or “timer 1 hour 15 min 30 Sec etc. Depend on your requirement and then, click on search.

3. By doing this you will get Countdown Timer Box on your Google Search page.

4. When the time has passed, the browser plays a sound.

5. This box featuring 2 buttons i.e. “Stop/Start” and “Set” with icon to enable or disable volume.

Also keep one more thing in mind, Instead of using the search command for setting the timer. You can also search query “timer” inside Google and set the timer manually.

That’s it, your countdown timer is set. You can set timer with any time according to your wish free of cost. This tweak was first spotted on Reddit and after that Google’s John Muller mentioned it on Google+

This is one of the best tweak by which I really liked and I’m sure you will also like to use this on your browsers. So try it yourself, do a search for [set timer for X hour X min and X sec]. Don’t forget to share your opinion with us about your experience with this tweak.

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