The Best and Worst of the Angry Birds Franchise

Angry Birds Transformers
Angry Birds Transformers

Rovio has created a massive franchise with Angry Birds. Many of the games are free and even the ones that are not only cost $2.99 in most cases. Over the course of nearly a decade, nearly 1 billion people have experienced the joy of flinging some birds at pigs who have stolen eggs, defeated Darth Vader, or gone on an Epic RPG quest.

With Angry Birds: Transformers being release on October 15th and providing a new gaming style for dedicated Angry Birds aficionados, let’s take a look at the best and worst of what Rovio has brought us over the years.

The Best Angry Birds Game Is: Star Wars II

Star Wars 2 Angry Birds

Star Wars II took all of the different flight options that other versions of the game brought us to sci-fi levels that were fun and engaging. Numerous characters could be used as power-ups and with movie franchise characters incorporated at every turn, it became fun to destroy Walkers instead of strange buildings made of wood and ice.

The Worst Angry Birds Game Is: Stella

Stella Angry Birds

Now my kids would argue with me because they can’t get enough of this game, but it isn’t really geared toward the average player. The characters are all customized through picture albums that are collected based on the number of stars you have. You get more birds to use on each level when you achieve higher star levels too. There’s only so many times, however, that you can listen to an Angry Bird scream to break glass.

Plus there’s the fact that you’ve got to spend coins or wait hours on end to unlock the wall levels. That is really, really, really annoying.

The Most Innovative Angry Birds Game Is: Epic

Angry Birds Epic

In Epic, you get to take a fun RPG view of the Angry Birds franchise. You go out onto a quest, bring along your friends, and fight the bad pigs with weapons, spells, and other items you collect along the way. Heal up with some lemonade, earn bananas and get comprehensive rewards when you have implemented a key battle strategy.

The Best Social Angry Birds Game Is: Friends

Angry Birds Friends

If you can get past the numerous Facebook posts that you’ll receive for playing Angry Birds: Friends, even on your tablet, then you’ll have a good time with social gaming. It’s the traditional game, with the traditional levels and tasks, but there are weekly contests with levels that can be rather challenging at times to enjoy.

The Most Confusing Angry Birds Game Is: Bad Piggies

Angry Birds Bad Piggies

The whole point of the Angry Birds franchise is to collect items or save the eggs. In Bad Piggies, everything is reversed. You’re building items to help you collect the eggs instead. Now there is something to be said about building a rickshaw filled with dynamite to blow a pig up, but still…

The Best Angry Birds Telepods Are From: Go

Angry Birds Go

The Telepods have become a major part of the Angry Birds franchise and the kids love them. The soft play figures can be incorporated into the Jenga games and flung halfway across the house, but the cars from Go are by far the best. They have a ball bearing in them to give them weight and the wheels actually spin, which is perfect for a Hot Wheels race track.

The Hardest Angry Birds Game Is: Seasons

Angry Birds Seasons

Even if you’ve played logic games for decades, Angry Birds Seasons is going to give you the same challenges that the Super Mario Brothers: Lost Levels did when you first played them. The game play structure is very elaborate as well, making it an interactive delight that is frustrating, but in a good way.

The Game With the Best New Birds Is: Space

Angry Birds Space

Although Rio had some decent new birds in it as well, Angry Birds Space is ultimately better because of the added physics that came into the game. Figuring out orbits requires a deft touch and it’s also an educational opportunity!

Which Angry Birds game is your favorite? Do you plan to explore what Angry Birds: Transformers will provide for this franchise? Share your thoughts below!

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