12 Best WhatsApp Alternatives for Windows Phones

Whatsapp Alternatives Nokia Windows Phone

Are you proud owner of Windows Phone? Also, not satisfied with WhatsApp for Windows Phones? If you’re looking for some of the best WhatsApp alternatives for your Windows Phone, then we recommend you don’t miss to read this opinion piece.

In this era of mobile communication, everyone likes to remain in touch with their friends and family members through Smartphone messengers, such as WhatsApp. With instant messaging and chat feature, it really becomes easy for us to communicate with each other. However, if you are looking for Free WhatsApp alternatives for Nokia Windows phone then let us assure you that there are plenty of options available for you. No wonder, where WhatsApp comes with an annual fee of $0.99 (after the first year of trial period), it certainly seems reasonable to look for another option in the world of mobile apps. Take a look below:

1. Viber


This is an absolutely free messaging app and it is compatible with Windows Nokia phone. Just like WhatsApp, this application uses contact numbers to recognize users. To get this app, all you need to register your mobile number to get an access code through text message. This app even allows you to call user through internet connection.



Just like WhatsApp, this messaging app uses your mobile phone for registration and then lets you connect with other LINE users. One of the striking features of LINE is that it lets you to answer back to message through your Windows PC as well, provided you have installed the software in your Windows PC.

3. KakaoTalk Messenger

KakaoTalk Messenger

Again, this messaging app also uses your mobile number for verification and then followed by registration. In addition, KakaoTalk lets you to hunt down other KakaoTalk users through their mobile phone numbers. Group chats, sharing of pictures, calendar, contact information, and audio notes are some of its prime features.

4. Skype


Recently, Skype has amalgamated its contacts with Hotmail accounts or old MSN and it contacts. This app is really one of the most brilliant one, and it lets you to call and text for free. However, before you can begin sending messages, you will need to approve contacts.

5. Groupme


If you are looking for an app that lets users to chat in a group then Groupme is one of the best options to choose. Just log in through your email id, verify your mobile number using a code that would be sent to you through an SMS, and get into the action.

6. Kik Messenger

Kik Messenger

Simply register with your email id and then select a unique username to let other Kik users to locate you. This app is particularly great in sending messages to group or individual.

7. ChatON


This app has been developed by Samsung and it offers the basic features, but no calling features.

8. WeChat


This messaging app has become quite popular in China. It allows you to connect your email and Facebook account to allow people find you.

9. Pinch


This free messaging app for Windows will allow you to chat instantly with your friends and allows you to find them through name and email id.

10. Tango


Last but not the least, this messaging app will allow you to have group chat and share photos and videos with your friends.

11. Hike


Hike, One of the best alternative for Whatsapp for all platforms which make messaging simpler just like Whatsapp. You can message friends that are on hike. Speciali thing about this app is, that you can also send message to friend who’re not using hike for free

12. Imsy


Imsy allows you to message your friends for free. Has a lightning fast, real-time chat with friends; add colorful emoticons and relevant images to your messages based on suggestions from Imsy.

So these are the 12 Best WhatsApp alternatives which we found for Windows Phone by Nokia. If you feel we forget to add any good name, feel free to share with me.

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