What Is App Store Optimization?

If you want to increase the downloads of your app in the app store, it is essential to do the app store optimization. Most app developers are not focusing on professional optimization because they do not consider it crucial. We will guide you about all the aspects of ASO to help you grow your app exponentially.

Why is it crucial for your success?

App Store has millions of applications trying to rank higher in the search results. There are different channels to get your apps noticed by the users. You can run a paid advertisement on social media to help your apps get more visitors. It is also possible to increase your ranking in the app store. Most app developers forget about the app store ranking. Although, it is the most crucial source for the downloads. When people see an app ranking higher in the search results, they start trusting the app. It is hard to succeed without focusing on the ASOmobile. It is the most neglected aspect of the app rankings.

Crucial App Store Optimization factors

There are hundreds of factors affecting the ranking of an app in the app store. If you try to focus on all these factors, you may miss the most crucial aspects. We have crafted a list of some factors that can affect your app ranking directly. If you only invest your time optimizing these factors, you will have more chances of getting a higher rank, with https://asomobile.net/en/free-tools.

Title of the App

App store focuses on the title of the app more than anything else. They have artificial intelligence robots to check if you are overstuffing the keyword in your title. If you do not want to get banned from the app store, it is essential to avoid stuffing keywords. App Store only allows you to use 30 characters in the app title. It is not suitable to waste this space by using useless keywords. If you think about customer psychology, stuffing keyword is also detrimental. Most users do not like to install apps with keyword-stuffed titles because they are afraid of data theft from these apps. An app with a short professional title that can help you build a brand is an excellent choice.

Keyword research

It is better to add the keywords in the title naturally as writing “download free notepad – free and easy” in the title is not suitable. It is better to write “efficient and reliable notepad” in the title. It is one of the most crucial aspects of any ASO. You cannot get a higher level of traffic if you optimize for the keywords with low traffic. You can search for the keyword data using the iOS app development and free ASO tools. You have to add the keyword with the highest level of traffic and competition in the title instead of the subtitle.

Better description writing

The app store does not care much about the description of the applications. You are going to have a lot of space to write the description. You can add keywords in the description also. If you try to add fluff at the start of the description, it can produce negative effects on your ranking. Most users are not going to click see more to get more details of descriptions. You only have 252 characters to explain everything about your app. It is essential to write in a way that the user understands everything and clicks download instead of the see more button. You can take help from content writers and free ASO tools to get the best idea about writing a catchy app description.

Using relevant subtitles

App Store allows you to use different subtitles to help you rank your app. You can show the category and use of your app in the subtitle. Subtitles are present right below the app title. You are allowed to use 30 characters in it. When you use subtitles that can attract the users to click download, you have better chances of increasing your ranking. Subtitles should not repeat the information in the title as it is a waste of space.

Download frequency

Every developer wants to increase the download frequency. The apps with more downloads usually rank higher as compared to the apps with lower download frequency. Download frequency can affect your ranking indirectly. It is possible to rank higher even when other apps have millions of downloads. You can increase your download frequency by helping your app get more downloads in the same month as compared to the apps with millions of downloads.

Number of stars and reviews

No one wants to install an app with one star. It is essential to promote happy users to give star ratings and tackle the negative reviews on some other channels. You should allow the users to interact with the app developers inside the app. It will help you reduce the negative star ratings. Once the user has installed the application and used it for a few days, you can ask them to leave a review. Sending spammy messages about giving reviews many times can affect the performance of your app also. It is better to ask the users to send the review right after they have cleared the first level.

User retention

It is one of the latest factors affecting the application ranking. According to data, uses stop using the application after a few days of installation. As the app gets older, the retention ratio is reduced. It can affect the ranking of your application negatively. You have to guide your developers to find a way to retain the users on the application for more time. It can increase user satisfaction and your ranking on App Store.


By looking at all the factors to improve the ranking of your application on App Store, we can conclude that it is essential to do the ASO to rank higher. Statistics are showing that most developers avoid optimizing their apps. You can increase the number of downloads and user retention rate drastically when you have a dedicated person for App Store application optimization.

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