How Artificial Intelligence Could Help Pro Gamers Create Games They Want To Play

Gaming and artificial intelligence (AI) go hand in hand. These two concepts are inexorably intertwined, and AI continues to play a huge role in video games. Whether you’re into FPSs or MMORPGs, you had to hear about this tech. It already helps make better and more challenging games, but AI can do even more. This tech has advanced so much that it can now help gamers bring games they want to play to life. So, how exactly can AI do this? Read on to find out.

The AI technology behind it all

AI has the potential to change almost every industry out there. Just look at how musicians are using AI to create new songs and you’ll get the idea. We picked that example on purpose. Why? Well, new AI technologies can create things other than music. This includes video games. In case you still can’t believe it, it’s time to introduce the tech designed by Matthew Guzdial. He and his team of researchers have taken AI to the next level. Their goal is to simplify the process of creating video games. And how they plan to do this. You guessed right. The answer is AI. Guzdial and his team have come up with software that watches hours of gameplay and guesses the rules. Then, it checks whether the guesses are correct and it creates a game of its own using those rules. The tool has already generated a game that’s a combination of Super Mario and Mega Man. The idea behind this AI tech is to simplify video game creation and make it available to everyone.

Gamers designing their own games

As mentioned earlier, the idea behind this tech is to make it possible for everyone to create their own video games. If it has already made a game based on Super Mario and Mega Man, think about what its potentials are. This AI technology could watch thousands of hours of gameplay to bring us even better games. Just imagine how it would feel to work with software that knows absolutely everything about games that already exist. With access to a simple tool, you could play with all these rules and come up with games of your own. If you grew up playing video games, chances are that’s something you’ve been dreaming about forever. Of course, this wouldn’t replace video game designers. They’d still come up with their own stuff, while you can add levels and create new games without writing a single code.

AI in the iGaming industry

Casinos already use online gambling software that’s quite complex. Since it emerged, AI has only helped it grow. Casinos rely on this technology in their core operations and its impact on the industry is increasing. One of the ways it does this is by improving the user experience (UX). AI watches your gameplay and tells the casino exactly what it thinks which parts of the game you liked the best. It also provides valuable data on other stuff like the interface.

The casino then uses that data to boost the UX and keep its customers happy. The folks behind these casinos have already made it possible for players to step into casinos tailored just for them. But what if you could make your own rooms for blackjack or slots? If the tech we discussed earlier in this post comes to life, we might just be a few years away from it. This means now’s the perfect time to think about how you’d like your own virtual casino to look.

What’s next for AI?

It’s impossible to disagree with the fact that this AT tech could change gaming for good. It’s everything gamers have been dreaming about for decades. But when can we expect something like this? Unfortunately, a practical consumer version of this tech is still years away. Plus, it could take a few years for the industry to adopt it. Therefore, although it sounds amazing, we’re still somewhat away from designing our own games.

The good news is that we’re closer to it than ever before. Hopefully, some indie developers will hear about the technology soon enough and our journey of creating our own games can start.  The software is worth the wait though. Just imagine starting the creator app and being able to design an entire level according to your tastes. For now, we have stuff like Super Mario Maker by Nintendo. Although it’s less AI and more manual work by designers, it gives you a glimpse of what may come next.

The bottom line

We’re all excited about the idea of creating games without having to code. Regardless of how much more we’ll have to wait for it, this tech will be a huge hit. This only shows how powerful AI technology is and how much potential it has in the gaming world. The best part – AI is still in its infancy. We have no clue how far it can go and what it’ll bring us in the next 50 years. Don’t be surprised if video games that we know look entirely different once researchers unlock everything it has to offer.

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