How to Update Facebook status by Text Message

Update Facebook Status via Text Message

Did you ever get this type of status on your Facebook profile i.e Now you can text your status to FBOOK (32665) to update your status on the go. And you ignored it just as a normal feature update from Facebook. Then you made a big mistake, using this feature you have the ability to update status messages by sending a text message through  your cellphone or Smartphone.


When we don’t have this text message feature, if you wanted to update your status on Facebook, users would have to log into the mobile version of Facebook and then type the message but now you can make this happen just by sending one SMS sounds really cool to me. And guess what when I tried to test it out, I realized that I never activated Facebook mobile and expected this from other users.

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But in this article we will show you how to active this feature, all you have to do is follow them :

1. The first thing you need is a Facebook account. If you don’t have one, simply head over to Facebook and sign up for free

2. After creating an account on the Facebook login on any computer and select “Setting” at the top of the screen. Now from here simply select the mobile tab, which is the third from the right top.

3. Now at the top you will see a link to register for Facebook Mobile Texts. Click on this fill the desired information request including your cellphone number.

4. After you add your cellphone number you will get a confirmation code . Add this confirmation code at the website listed in the text. Now you are register to update your Facebook status by texting.

5. Let come to the final step, in this we will test our new way of updating your Facebook Status. And to make that thing happen, send a text to 32665 with the new update you wish to use. Don’t forget to add @ before the message

Now check your Facebook account, I’m sure it worked. And if you need more information on this feature visit Facebook Mobile Texts Page

Note : This feature has actually been on Facebook for a very long time, I’ve been using it for at least a year or two, I’m just writing this article to help those users who still don’t know about this feature of Facebook.

But if your Face any problem regarding updating your status through your cellphone. Drop your problem in the comment section and we will try to resolve it A.S.A.P 🙂

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