My Pick 6 Fantasy Football Podcasts

Fantasy Football
Photo: Ed Yourdon
Fantasy Football
Photo: Ed Yourdon

Fantasy football is upon us like Deacon Jones on a feeble little 1970’s quarterback. You youngsters check out Deacon Jones on youtube so you can see what a sackmaster really looked like back in the day. If you are thin on free time to do the proper research to get the best fantasy team, then join the club. I know I would like to have more time to get all the info I need to gather the best players to win my fantasy league. But reading all that data takes time and effort.

Fortunately there are other ways to get some quality help on drafting the best fantasy football team possible. Podcasts offer the chance to listen while you work. I go with audio podcasts. The video versions require you to be still and watch, which would take the same time as reading basically. I can listen to the audio versions while I work, exercise, or mow the lawn. I won’t remember all the bits of intel, but I will have a good overall idea of the top players I want to draft. Here are six of the podcasts I recommend to help you with your fantasy football league. Good luck….unless you wind up in my league of course.

  1. The Fantasy Football Guys – This show avoids the fluff of others out there. They get to the point and don’t waste time on any filler content. They have a ton of reviews that continue to rave about the content. I am a busy guy so this show gets me to the point fast.
  1. The Audible Fantasy Football Podcast – This show is not as mainstream as some of the others and that is a good thing. I like variety in my sports talk. The big boys usually have all the same rehashed takes on all the topics. It is nice to have a different perspective from that of the big corporations. The quality of the insight is not lacking either. These guys know their stuff when it comes to fantasy football.

  1. CBS Fantasy Football Podcast – Another mainstream podcast that has all the top notch data to help you out. The quality is not up there with ESPN or the NFL Network, but it is still well worth subscribing.
  1. Rotowire Fantasy Football Podcast – Rotowire is a number junkie’s paradise. They are a premier fantasy sports hub. Their football podcast dives deep into the stats that will put you over the top in your league.
  1. NFL Fantasy Live – The NFL Network has an official podcast that covers all you need to know. The show is an easy listen as they have access to all the NFL data they need obviously. Michael Fabiano hosts the show along with several contributors including the very insightful Matt ‘Money’ Smith.
  1. ESPN Fantasy Focus – ESPN is the best and worst thing to happen to sports, but they have THE fantasy football guru, Mathew Berry. So I have to give this podcast the nod. Berry and Nate Ravitz give out more detailed info than you can shake a stick at. They are not just stats and analysis either. The show is very entertaining as well.
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