Trending Android Smartphones of 2014

The android technology has, by far, surpassed windows, blackberry, iOS and the Symbian operating systems in popularity and feasibility in the year 2014. Smartphones with core android technology are getting more and more users with each passing day.

Introduction of sleeker designs has added to their charm. Newer dimensions, larger displays and innovative specifications serve only to enhance their wide spread usage. The phones are becoming smarter as the days go by.

Although much more sophisticated, the iPhone has become a thing of the past. The market demand for Samsung’s smartphones has transcended all others, leaving other mobile companies in its wake, trying to come up with new captivating designs or simply copying their contemporary counterparts.

Some of the insanely popular smartphones that have gripped the masses in 2014 are listed below.


It is the latest addition to the S series of smartphones by Samsung. Featured to be the flagship Android handset, Samsung galaxy S5 seems to be inspired by iPhone 5S in its features. The fingerprint and motion sensors, Air Gesture support, Accelerometer, gyrometer, proximity sensors, compass, barometer, temperature sensors, and vital signs sensors make it the hallmark of contemporary smartphones. The 16MP rear camera and 2MP front camera add to its charm. It is basically an up gradation of the S series by Samsung with addition of a few specifications and features.


The 6 inch display Samsung galaxy note 3 offers a nice build but most of the features that have been incorporated could, certainly, be done without. Resembling a tablet more than a smartphone, it lets you take notes with an S pen. It is an ideal gadget for people who multitask as you can switch between multiple windows to perform multiple functions side by side. Its 10 hours long battery life is also an amazing property. It has a Snapdragon 800 processor which has taken its performance to the level of perfection.


HTC One M8 comes with a 5 inch, full HD display. Packed with fast new Snapdragon 801 processor, it is one of the fastest smart phones. The dual-lens camera is also an added bonus; it lets you focus on the foreground or the background of the picture after you are done clicking it. The 2,600 mAh battery gives it a battery life of almost 10 hours. Available in different colors, it is certainly a must-have smartphone.


With amazing dimensions of 136.6 x 69.8 x 7.9 mm (5.38 x 2.75 x 0.31 in), Samsung galaxy S4 was hailed almost similar to S3 with few variations. Like its predecessor, it has 16/32 GB storage with micro SD card support. Packed with android 4.2 (S3 had 4.1), it has been no better than S3 in functioning. The larger and detailed screen is, however, definitely a plus.


This innovatively designed smartphone comes with an amazing feature that none of the other smartphones have employed. It has a flexible body that makes it easily to bend, providing a better hold. Up to 80 pounds of pressure can be applied to it; it is the ultimate solution to the fall and break problems. Another perk is the self-healing property, even if its back gets scratch and marked, it can be removed them within minutes, becoming as good as new. It isn’t, however, without its flaws. The 720 pixels display is not HD and some compromise has to be endured. However a lasting battery life and other features make it quite appealing.


The large display size and excellent camera features make LG Optimus G Pro an astounding toy. Powered with a full HD, 13MP, dual camera with dual recording options, it is a smartphone not to be missed. Its powerful battery can last for up to 31 hours on talk time. Its performance, easy to use features and marvelous quality makes it a startling combination of efficacy and comfort.


The cutting edge specs of Google Nexus 5 put it on the top of must-have smart phones list. The Snapdragon 800 processor and a 5-inch 1080p display make it one of the sleekest phones ever designed. Cool features have been added including voice command text messaging and search performing feature. On the downside, the camera is a bit of a compromise. However, it is budget-friendly and can be enjoyed without having to invest heftily in a smartphone.


With a 1280 x 720 display and with a pixel density of 329ppi, Motorola Moto G boasts a sharp display. It’s even better than the iPhone 5. It is a good choice for a smartphone within a budget. Naturally, it comes with certain compromises. The 5mp camera barely suffices. The 8 GB or 16 GB storage capacity can be enhanced to 65 GB with Google drive. With quad core, geo-tagging, face detection, HDR and panorama and a 54 hour battery life, all in all, it is a good package for a cheap smartphone.

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