Is a Smartwatch Right For You?

smart watch
smart watch

There are three smartwatches out right now that connect to the internet. The Samsung Gear, the LG G and the Sony smartwatch all run on the Android operating system. Wearable technology is a step in the right direction for a more personal technology that is tailored to your life and needs. Are these advances enough for you to benefit from purchasing one of these watches? Here are some questions you need to ask yourself before you buy.

Do You Have the Right Phone?

Right now, the smartwatches on the market are made to work with Android operating systems, but not all operating systems are up to date enough. These watches are compatible with anything that is 4.3 and up. If you chose to go with the Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch series, here are the specific phones they will definitely work with: Samsung Galaxy S 4 and 5; Samsung Galaxy S III; Samsung Galaxy Note II and 3; and Samsung Galaxy Mega. Before you decide to make this purchase, it is best to know if your phone will be compatible. Otherwise, you will have a smartwatch that does nothing more than tell the time.

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Is it Designed to Suit You?

Many people have abandoned wearing watches altogether since they have the ability to check the time on a cell phone. If you are one of those individuals that no longer wear a watch, think through the reasons for that. Is it a lack of necessity? Or does it have to do with having something wrapped around your wrist? The smartwatches on the market are very functional, but some people have complained that they are a little large and pretty plain to look at. Personally, I think that most people who are interested in this device are not buying it for its fashion statement. However, it is something you should ask yourself when figuring out if this is the right purchase for you.

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Does it Have the Functions You Need?

Probably one of the biggest things you should decide about buying a smartwatch is whether or not its functions are of use to you. These phones work directly with Google Now, which is one of Google’s latest works of genius. This is basically a personal assistant that alerts you to information before you know you need it. If you are connected with Google Now, it will send you details about events that are happening local to your area, directions to a meetings that are scheduled on your calendar, and other alerts that are tailored to your life. Your smartwatch will send all of these notifications straight to your wrist. When you look down, you are likely to find directions to a place you are headed or be reminded of an event on your calendar.

Google Now

Of course one of the other cool and nerdy features that you have with these devices are the voice commanded capabilities. All it takes is an, “Ok Google” and then speak your sentence, and Google will give you the information you are looking for. If you are trying to get in shape, there is a handy pedometer that is already built in. There will be no more wondering how active you are.

There is no doubt that these smartwatches will continue to be developed with each generation that is rolled out. It is rumored that Apple is due to put out their equivalent to this device sometime in October. This will certainly increase the competition between the companies and each will create something that they think is bigger and better than what the other has to offer. I say, let the games begin. We, as the consumers are the ones that really win in this competition as each smartwatch that is released will have great capabilities.

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