List of 5 New Small Apps for Sony Xperia Android Devices

One thing which I really liked about the Sony’s new small app features on their Xperia devices, is an option which helps developers to develop their own new small apps with the help of Sony Add-on SDK. And in this article I intend to share with you some of the best small apps which are developed by XDA Senior Member soumya_digi with the help of this kit and are listed below

  • LMGTFY Small
  • Media Controls
  • Small Torch
  • New Slider Controls
  • Discount Calculator

No doubt that, above 5 mentioned small apps will be used by different users in different situation to make their users experience more interesting and easier. So without wasting any time lets we have brief information about these apps for Sony Xperia devices

1. LMGTFY Small


LMGTFY means “let me Google that for you”. This is very interesting,  simple and easy to use app which allows users to generate a link LMGTFY link without leaving a foreground app. You can also shorten the generated links and copy the generated or shortened link to share it with others.

2. Media Controls Small App

Media Controls Small App

Its a media control small app which is totally different from the Floating Music Controls which is launched previously. The app is featuring option to play/pause, go previous/next song in the playlist. That means you can start music without exiting the foreground app. Opening music player and swiping becomes easier with this small app. This app works well with Sony Walkman Player, Google Play Music, MAVEN Player Power Amp Player and more

3. Small Torch

Small Torch

It’s a small app to use the LED Flash as torch light. Its consist of a large button which turns on and off the LED flash.

4. Slider Controls

Slider Controls

Slider Controls is a full suite of sliding controls with the help of which you can control brightness and media playback, ringtone, alarms, voice call volumes.

5. Discount Calculator

Discount Calculator

Discount Calculator is amazing and simple small app to calculate the discounted price. All you need to do is simply input the original price and set the discount percentage value and then calculate. Once you’re done with calculation,  when you click on the result it will copy the result to the clipboard. And if you long press the result it will clear the field for another calculation.

Requirement of Small Apps

These apps are built on Xperia Z or T Small app framework. So if you want to run these app properly you need to have Xperia z or T small app framework

Limitations of Small

These small apps are only compatible with devices that support the small apps extension, including Xperia devices and non-Xperias that have had smalls apps ports.

So give try to these apps and don’t forget to share your opinion with us. At this point what developers want from you is feedback. So if you want to read more about these small apps and check more upcoming small apps visit this original thread started by the developer

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