Is It Possible To Retake The GMAT

Obtaining an MBA is a big step for anyone’s professional development. An advanced degree, such as an MBA, can help set yourself apart from others in a highly competitive employment environment. MBA students can enhance their knowledge of various fields in the U.S. and around the world. In addition, it can help you refine your communication skills, helping you to properly communicate ideas to people at various levels of an organization.

However, applying to business school can be difficult. The MBA admissions process usually takes a lot of time, resources, and can be stressful. In addition, admission procedures and requirements will vary from one business school to the next, so you have to make sure you’re aware of them to get accepted. 

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) exam is part of the selection process for over 7,000 programs at 2,300 institutions and organizations in 110 countries. In terms of the GMAT, there is no such thing as “passing” or “failing.” However, most business schools require a specific GMAT score to get admission to their program.

GMAT scores of at least 700 or above are required for admission to the top 10 business schools in the U.S. But the average GMAT score for those who took the exam between 2017 and 2019 is only 564.84. A GMAT score is valid for five years from the day the exam was taken. 

If GMAT test-takers received a low score on their first attempt, they can choose to retake the exam. Even students who receive a good score might aim for a higher score to have a better chance of admission to top-tier business schools.

How To Retake The GMAT 

The GMAT exam is available both in-person at testing centers and online. You may feel safer and comfortable taking the online exam at home or prefer the test center. Retaking the GMAT Exam can help you raise your GMAT score and increase your chances of admission to your desired business school. You may retake the GMAT exam after a 16-day interval. This allows you to take the exam in a shorter period to match your schedule and study habits. 

However, You can only take the GMAT exam five times within 12 months, including the online exams, and a total of 8 times in your lifetime. Candidates are permitted to retake the GMAT online exam up to two times. 

To retake your GMAT exam, you must register again online, by phone, or via mail. You must pay a $250 registration fee to retake your GMAT exam. You will also be charged an extra $10 if you register by phone. Other fees will apply if you reschedule or cancel your GMAT exam. 

The structure, number of items, and duration of the online GMAT are the same as the test center exam. The section scores and total score are likewise scored using the same scoring system and scale. 

Making Your GMAT Retest Matter

You can only retake the GMAT a limited number of times, so be sure you’re ready. Check the GMAT test dates online and ensure you have enough time to prepare. Examine your exam results and go over the areas/sections where you need to improve. 

Taking the GMAT more than once isn’t necessarily considered a negative thing by business schools. As long as the attempts result in improved scores, it shows that the applicant can persevere. Enrolling in test prep courses could help with improving scores.  

Evaluate the initial score, find out which portions you scored poorly and areas you scored well. Don’t just concentrate on the flaws or gaps in knowledge. Instead, look for other areas to improve on, such as topics you scored well on and could improve even more.

Answering practice examinations is critical to boosting your GMAT score. Practice examinations provide you with a fair picture of your scores and current levels. Review using real GMAT essay questions to brush up on prospective essay themes. 

Prepare by reviewing math principles; the GMAT quantitative section includes algebra, statistics, geometry, and other topics. It is critical to go over everything again, especially if you have forgotten any math fundamentals.

Improve Your Score 

You can improve your chances of getting a good GMAT score by practicing. Take as many practice tests as you can and strive to improve your GMAT score with each attempt. Approximately 70 percent of students increased their GMAT score on their retake. Retaking the GMAT might be critical if you want to be admitted to your dream business school. 

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