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Maxboost Atomic iPhone Case

Maxboost Atomic iPhone Case

Nothing is more annoying than trying to use your iPhone as an actual smart device. There are some cases out there that will provide you with a battery backup, but they’re heavy. You can get some kickstand protectors that let you setup your iPhone too, but they don’t really protect the tech well. With this Maxboost case, however, you’re getting the best of all the worlds combined: extended battery life, a kickstand for video streaming, and easy access to all your peripherals.

On a downer note, it’s really tough to put your iPhone into the case. It’s even more difficult to take it out if the need arises. It uses a micro-USB for charging too, so if you’re using the lightning connector, you’ll need to buy an adapter for it. Otherwise this is a pretty cool case that can extend the life of your iPhone’s battery time and that’s never a bad thing.

$49.95 – BUY ON AMAZON

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