Best Warehouse Management Software 2022

The number of private warehouses is growing. According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 18,182 private warehousing establishments. Warehousing is an important stage in the supply chain. Without proper warehousing facilities, the entire chain can be disrupted, causing huge fluctuations in the market. However, with modern technology assisting every move of business, managing warehouses has become a lot easier than in the past.

Now, we have something called warehouse management software that can help you with every aspect of warehouse management. Concerning that, in this article, we will take a look at what this software is and which are the best-rated software of 2022. If you are ready, let us begin right away! 

About Warehouse Management Software

Let us first understand the concept of Warehouse Management Software. It is the software that helps manage the entire inventory of a company, allowing you full visibility and tracking options of the inventories. Here are the things that Warehouse Management Software deal with:

●      Manages orders and operations between distribution centers to retailers or the store shelves 

●      Coordinates and optimizes material flows and usage of resources

●      Maximizes and optimizes investments of equipment, labor, and space

With modern cloud-storage support, Warehouse Management Software is a solution that prepares you thoroughly for today’s business methods. With a swift-moving supply chain, both from distributor to retailers to customers, and back around, with the assistance of Warehouse Management Software, the global supply chain keeps flowing in one fluid motion.

Best Warehouse Management Software for 2022

Now that we have understood what Warehouse Management Software is, we shall now take a look at the best software in the market right now. 

Fishbowl Inventory

One of the best of the lot, Fishbowl Inventory, is your top-of-the-game warehousing management solution that you can hope for. It specializes in managing and maintaining various processes of the supply chain, including:

●      Accurate inventory organization

●      Improving processes of manufacturing

●      Tracking of assets 

It has high-powered integration facilities that allow you to integrate with top solutions and programs. Fishbowl Inventory is perfect for all types and sizes of businesses and works efficiently to address inventory-related issues and optimize the administration of warehouses. 


If you have multiple warehouses to manage with various clients, you might want software that will consolidate all your operations on one platform for easier control and management. If that is what you are looking for, Infoplus is the best option for you. 

It is a cloud-based solution that will help you streamline all your operations on one platform, allowing you to have centralized control over your inventory, orders, shipments, and other related operations. It is perfect for all types of companies and has various benefits to it. 

Oracle Warehouse Management 

Oracle Warehouse Management is an excellent warehouse management solution that has cloud compatibility. It is perfect for any sized company and allows you explicable control of your warehouse and inventories. 

It supports the optimization and organization of your warehouse capacity while boosting other aspects such as productivity, accuracy, and space management. It is also very affordable and supports multiple types of operating systems. 

Blue Yonder 

Blue yonder, previously known as JDA WMS, is a solution that all companies wish for. It concentrates on the following to improve warehouse functionality:

●      Warehouse organizations 

●      Customer service 

●      Utilization of Labor 

With AI integration, Blue Yonder will never let you worry about your digital transactions. It allows you to choose selection and organization strategies so that you have complete knowledge about your inventory. It is mainly service-focused, so you get an improved customer experience. 

So these are our top-rated Warehouse Management Software that you should look out for. If you are interested in purchasing software that can help your warehousing facilities increase productivity and boost efficiency, this article is all you need. 

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