iPhone 6 Concept – The iRevolution

iPhone 6 Concept
iPhone 6 Concept

Perhaps it is finally time for the iPhone to get a new design, the best designed would probably have a true edge to edge display and the only way that’s going to happen if we remove the actual edge all together.

Removing the edges of the phone will provide a much larger display which in turn will provide a much better experience. Your eyes will experience the new change but your hands won’t notice a thing and will use the phone as they normally do.

iPhone 6 Concept

Other than the design it’s also time for a new display. A Retina 2 display with a protective graphene cover is just what the iPhone needs to provide both a beautiful and a long lasting display.

Graphene is a material that can revolutionize the display as it is one of the hardest, if not the hardest materials known to us. For good measure, take the following example:

“It would take an elephant, balanced on a pencil, to break through a sheet of graphene the thickness of Saran Wrap.”

-Professor James Hone, Columbia University

One problem that developers have faced while adding gestures into the next generation of smart-phones is that people accidentally make gestures that the phone recognizes and then performs a task which can get quite tedious. However, the iPhone 6 comes with accidental gesture recognition which means that the touch sensors on the side of the Retina 2 display sense how you hold your phone and thanks to this they can recognize what gestures are accidental, these gestures are then ignored.

Touch Sensors

A much lighter and much stronger body thanks to the Aluminum-Carbon Fiber technology takes innovation to a whole new level with a phone that is much more durable and a lot easier on the hands.

A revolution only comes when there are drastic changes and the iRevolution isn’t anything different. It’s time to completely get rid of the home button and replace it with a multi-purpose gesture control that can act as a home button while also providing multitudes of gesture controls for much more efficient use such as swiping for shortcuts and holding the home button to access Siri.


Coming with 2, 2.8 GHz quad core processors, the iPhone 6 is the fastest device that you’ll ever hold in the palm of your hand and the 20.2 MP rear facing camera with a 2K video sensor makes the iPhone 6 a hardware monster.

Comparing iPhone 5 to 6

Photos: iPhone 6 Concept by JohnnyPlaid/Behance

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