Fix 99% of All Computer Problems for FREE

fix computer problems

It never fails.

Computer problems strike when you least need them to happen. Your word processing program crashes, your web browser freezes up because of a Shockwave plug-in, or your toddler pulls out your PC power cord from the wall just when you’re about to save or upload. The resulting crash creates software issues that make it nearly impossible to access your data, right?

Here’s how you can solve 99% of all computer problems:

fix computer problems

Step #1: Start your computer. You can’t tell if it’s going to work if it isn’t even turned on. Let the computer go through as much of the start-up cycle that it can.

Step #2: Turn it off. Allow your computer to fully reset. Allow for the cycle to complete end functions. This usually takes 30-60 seconds after the computer turns off.

Step #3: Turn it on again. Presto! Your computer problems should be solved because you’ve now created a new, stable environment!

If this doesn’t work for you, then go to Step #4: Call a Technician.

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