Now You Can Delete Your Creeper Facebook Search History Manually

facebook search
facebook search

Everybody searches weird things on Facebook but no one is brave enough to confess. Some people have searched their ex while some have even made desperate attempts to find a beautiful person who they have a crush on just to check out their profile and pictures. Even if you search for these people and forget later on, Facebook will still remember then. Facebook has the ability to remember everything you do on Facebook. Whatever you type and enter in the search box is saved in Facebook’s data storage. It is true that this data can only be seen by you, but some people are paranoid about these things. If you are uncomfortable having all your history saved up by Facebook then you do not really have to worry about it as you can easily delete it manually by following some steps.

Once you have made the decision of deleting your search history from Facebook, go to your timeline and click on the activity log that should be placed on the bottom right of your cover photo. Activity log is just like your history on Facebook. The things you do such as like someone’s status or comment on a picture are all recorded in this activity log. It is basically your daily diary on Facebook and obviously it also stores your search history. On the left side of the activity log you will see a column that has Photos and Likes on the top of it. On the bottom of this column there is an option of viewing ‘More’ options, right below the Comments. Once you have expanded this column by clicking on ‘More’, you will be able to see several other options and at the bottom of this column you will be able to find ‘Search’.

Now that you have discovered your mighty search history, click on it and take a look at it. Facebook will show you your search history based on the date of the search. You will now be able to see the option of clearing your search history. Facebook will try to confuse you by telling you that this search history is only visible to you and it might even change your mind. But remain firm on your decision and click on ‘Clear Searches’ to confirm.

By doing this you will have a clean slate on Facebook. It will almost be like your rebirth on Facebook where you will start searching for some more weird things and people, but at least it will be a fresh start.

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