Five Free and Quick Auto Follow Twitter Applications

Twitter has caught on well as a networking site on the web to keep up with what others are up to. Likewise it is also great to let the world know what you are up to in short and sweet sentences. So when a person starts following it makes sense that you automatically start following them. This way they know that you appreciate the interest they have shown in you and that you too are interested in them. There are many online applications that offer this facility that enables you to follow your follower.

As with anything there is a flip side to this as it means you will also end up following bots that are following you and this may not be a great thing.  But then you have to weigh the benefits against the downside of this occurring. There is always the option for you to remove those who have only followed you for a while so that you may follow them and then unfollowed you.

Here are someFree and Quick Auto Follow Twitter Applications to manage and administer your Twitter following:

1. FriendorFollow


This is a tool on Twitter that will aid you in getting quick but proper view of friends that are mutual, fans and follower. This will make it really simple for you to pick those Twitter users who are following you. Then you can also reciprocate by following them too.

2. Refollow


This is one more option that will aid you in following those who follow you. Not only following twitter followers in larger quantities, this one will also help you manage the followers you have and the friends that you on Twitter. You can use this tool to make groups, even filter out users that you do not want, use it for tagging crowds, managing comments and many other things. It is like a very useful package that will let you manage followers that you have on Twitter.

3. Reciprocate


This one is Tweepi tool that provides you with numbers with regard to followers who are not being followed by you. You can also select the option to simply and quickly follow them all at once. The tool is very easy to use and is very simple and straightforward.

4. Tweepler


This tool will provide you with the list of people on Twitter that you are following currently, a list of those following you, the total number of Tweets, the average Tweets, the ration of those whom you follow versus those following you. You can have the option to ignore your followers on the whole or even follow them all, if you so wish.

5. Twitter Karma

5-Twitter Karma

This one is much sought after as it will allow you to follow those who follow you very simple and as a matter of course.  It will also aid in un-following those do not follow you. The best part is that Twitter Karma is quite efficient and makes working with it really quick work.

Twitter is something that has become popular for those who work in the entertainment industry, those who want to post snippets of their life online and the latest being businesses that want to touch base with customers on a friendly and personal level. The thing that you have to decide before making use of one of these Twitter tools to manage your followers and those whom you follow. Though generally it is considered a good practice to follow those who follow you, you really need to have some guidelines in place so that things work smoothly.

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