30 Best & Funny Facebook Photo Comments Collection Free Download

Few day’s back Facebook added an amazing feature using which you can comment on post with images rather than words and today article is something related to this feature.

Yes, today we’re going to answer an amazing question which is asked by lots of people using their Facebook wall, i.e. What are some best Funny Pictures and Meme’s to make photo comments on Facebook? And if you’re looking for answers to the same question, then you might love to check this opinion piece.

Now day’s you might have seen lots of funny pictures on your Facebook post or on other brand pages updates. And no doubts, as it’s the best way to express your feeling about the Facebook post using cute, funny and some interesting pictures. In this post, we’re going to share with you some popular pictures to comment on Facebook.

To upload this picture on Facebook as a comment by clicking on the small camera icon on the right side text area.

Add Picture Comment Facebook

 So without further ado, why don’t you start checking our list of the best funny to make a comment on Facebook. Here’s the first one:

1. Cool Story, Bro

Cool Stroy Bro

2. Stop, Stop, I’m gonna Pee.

Stop, Stop, I'm gonna Pee.

3. OMG Who The Hell Cares

OMG! Who The Hell Cares?

4. I Get It

I get it. It aint makin me laugh, but I get it

5. Baby- WTF?

Baby- WTF?

6. Should I Laugh Or Something

Should I Laugh Or Something

7. Stop Reposting Old Sh**

Stop Reposting Old Shit

8. Looking So Cute

Looking So Cute

9. Alright Then

Alright Then

10. Explain This Sh**

Explain This Shit

11. Give That Man A Medal

Give That Man a Medal- Obama

12. So Funny That I Forget To Laugh

So Funny That I Forget to Laugh

13. Fabulous!


14. Give That Man A Cookie

Give That Man A Cookie

15. Lalalalala.. I Can’t Hear You

 I Can't Hear You

16. I Love This Post!

I Love This Post

17. That Joke Killed Me!

That Joke Killed Me

18. I Saw This Sh** Week Ago

I Saw This Week Ago

19. Shut Up And Take My Like

 Shut Up And Take My Like

20. Sir, You Got My Respect

Sir You Got My Respect

21. RIP English!

RIP English

22. Really? Funny Cat

Really- Funny Cat

23. I’m Going To Need Two Guns For This One

I'm Going To Need Two Guns For This One

24. Oh, That’s Nasty

Oh, That's Nasty

25. Whoa! Just Take It Easy Man

Whoa! Just Take It Easy Man

26. Bring That Child To Me- MJ

Bring That Child To Me- MJ

 27. Salute Your Awesomeness

 Salute Your Awesomeness

28. This Post Need Investigation

 Need to Investigate this Post

29. Oh, I know What You Mean- Mr. Beans

Oh, I know What You Mean- Mr. Beans

30. Oh Really, Tell Me More

Oh Really Tell Me More

Note: You can also download all of these funny images in a single folder. Use this link: All in One Facebook Photo Comments

So these are some of the best Facebook Photo Comments which are very popular among Facebook users. But we still feel that it’s not a complete list, so help us in increasing our list by sharing your favorite FB Photo Comments using the comment section.

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