Facebook Privacy: What You Need To Know

Oversharing on Facebook is a terrible trend that goes beyond lots of naked baby pictures, videos of cats, and conversations about unicorn meat. The information that gets shared through pictures and status updates provides a pattern of activity that could help someone break into your home safely, steal your identity, and ultimately make you more miserable than you feel seeing the same meme photo for a sixth time in the same day.

This infographic will take you through the Do’s and the Don’ts of how to be smart with your social media sharing. Make sure to note the important points and try to get your kids to listen to you because their sharing could expose them to a negative experience now or at their job interview two years from now.

38% of children under the age of 2 have access to a mobile device right now. Teaching social media safety begins right now as well! Otherwise you may be taking on more risk than you ever realized.

Do's and Don't of safe Facebook Usage

Infographic via The Best Computer Science Schools

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