Facebook As the Source of Online Dating

Although there are other social networking sites, Facebook remains the undisputed king.  Despite having unique and attractive features, Facebook can be said to be the source of online dating.  By online dating, it means Facebook is the simplest way of reaching out to people worldwide, and it is a social platform for chats and flirts. Here are some reasons why we think Facebook is source of online dating.

Easy way of meeting people online

Unlike online dating sites where payments are made to allow you to meet with people, Facebook is free.  Besides, Facebook has an interactive and easy to use interface.   These features have attracted so millions of individuals globally, making Facebook the easiest way of meeting people online.  Additionally, there is no restriction on location or people to interact with. With its location feature, you can find and meet people in your area or locality.

A person's hand holding a device displaying a Facebook news feed.

Finding someone

Although there are other social platforms you can use to find someone you lost connection with, Facebook is the most useful tool.  Finding someone using Facebook is way much ahead of other platforms.  Additionally, when finding someone you lost knew some years back, it is very fast and displays the names and photos of all people with such a name in the world.  Thus, you can easily trace anyone and start a conversation immediately.

Connecting people in groups

If you have some idea you want to share with people, who share your interest, it only takes some minutes to reach them all over the world.  To connect with like-minded from the entire world, you only need to create either an open or closed group, ask them to join and start sharing.  Also, you can only connect with a particular group of people and keep your information a secret.

Adding people

Through Facebook, you can add anyone you want at any time.  As a matter of fact, if anyone requests to add you, you can either reject or accept.  Besides, you are free to select whom to add or not.  Through Facebook, you only need to add someone to have a lifelong relationship.  Additionally, you first the profile of the person you are adding before adding.

Use of hashtags

If you want to talk to a huge audience in the world, you only need to use hashtags on Facebook.  Within a few minutes, your message reaches everyone on the platform and starts trending.  Hashtags are used for faster ranking, which is more useful in Facebook than any other platform.

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Instant messaging    

Although other sites have adopted the feature, Facebook has always retained the instant messaging.  Therefore, you can chat and flirt instantly without delay.  Also, the private messaging feature can be used to reach only a chosen group.

A phone displaying icons for both Facebook and Messenger apps.

In conclusion, through all features of Facebook, you get a chance to meet a large population on, interact with groups and share ideas within a short duration. Through interaction with various people on the platform, you build different kinds of relationships.  Besides, Facebook is the only sure way of interacting with individuals who are situated in your area.

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