7 Best Download Manager for Mac OS

Want to get rid from the default download manager of your Mac OSX and looking for some other which provides you more functionality and features, then we highly recommend you must check this opinion piece. In which we try to gather some of the best Download manager for Mac OS under single hood.

Download Manager is an essential need of every internet user, especially in those areas where internet downloading speed is very less. One of the best feature of these download manager has ability to pause and resume downloads whenever you want. Not only this, these internet download manager also accelerates downloads by downloading using parallel servers for one download. You might also interested to read about:

So if you got frustrated from message called downloading failed or internet connection lost, then you might love to use these Download managers on your machine software. As this article is about the Mac OSX below you will only read about Best Download Manager for Mac OSX. So without further ado, why don’t you look at first one:

1. Folx

Folx for mac

Folx is a free download manager for Mac OS X with cool interface which really help you to download file easily. It’s fully loaded with some cool feature which you can use while downloading a file. All you have to do to download files is click the link in your web browser and Folx will catch it.

2. Download Buddy

Download Buddy offers you all features which we expect from ideal download manager. So just give a try and become familiar with it.

3. Jdownloader

Jdownloader is an awesome internet Downloader client for Mac OS which really helps to make downloading easy. Using this you can Users can start, stop or pause downloads, set bandwidth limitations, auto-extract archives and much more.

4. iGetter

iGetter Download Manager For Mac

It’s a full featured download manager and accelerator which try to improve your speed using segment Downloading. I like the auto redial feature to automatically restart downloading on broken connection, auto hang-up and shut down on completion, and much more.

5. iNetGet


iNetGet is a download utility that gives you convenience and flexibility in downloading on the Internet. iNetGet supports auto-resuming and guarantees maximum speed possible thanks to our multi-thread download tasks. An integer is a perfect video Downloader for Mac OS X. It can Auto-sniff and download any FLV, Mp4 video from YouTube or any other video sites.

6. Leech


Leech is another best light weight download manager for Mac operating system. It gives you complete control over your downloads and full browser integration. You can queue, pause and resume downloads, download from password-protected servers and store your passwords in your system-wide

7. Progressive Downloader

Progressive Downloader

Progressive Downloader is a free download manager for your Mac that supports multi-thread downloading and mirror search. It’s also capable to download files from the most popular file hosting services.

So these are some of the best Download Manager for Mac OSX which are available till but if you feel there is something left of me then then drop those in the comments. We would love to add them in our list

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