50 Best Bada Application for Samsung Smartphone

If you are Samsung Smartphone user with Bada installed in it, then this article is your cup of tea for sure. We all know about the war of Smartphone OS like Android, iOS and Windows. But Samsung has its own presence in the form of “Bada”. It was launched with the launch of Samsung Wave S8500. With this great Smartphone platform, Samsung app store has also grown and get lots of respect from mobile.

We all know that Bada is one of the most interesting Samsung’s Smartphone platform and Like Google Play and Apple App Store, the Samsung app store also have thousands of apps and games available for this platform. One thing which I really like about this app i.e.  These Bada applications are simple and easy to use.

But one thing which hits the mind of every users i.e. Which are the best application to use on Smartphone with Bada. And to give a clear answer to this confusion, today we planned to share some of the best Bada applications which every mobile user might love to use on his/her Smartphone.

1. TiniTheTrekker

Tini The Trekker2
Tii The Tracker2


Tini, the Trekker one of the best thrilling adventure which you might love to play on your mobile phone. In this game main aim of this game is to let the “Tini” reach at the top most layer by killing the hurdle named “Bona”.

2. Power Zoom HD

Power Zoom

This is another cool photo application using which you can take pictures with zoom up to 16x. The built-in camera only gets images up to x4. One thing which I really like about this application that, zoomed image is displayed in real time and when the button is pressed a smart algorithm saves the full resolution picture with the desired zoom and the best possible quality.

3. Video Uploader

Video Uploader2
Video Uploader

If you love to upload video on YouTube using your Smartphone then, you might love to use this application using this you can batch upload multiple videos in one shot from your phone to the YouTube account. Video Uploader allows you to record and upload videos easier than ever before.

4. S-touchwiz


If you are a real fan of Samsung galaxy S3 and wondering to get this android Smartphone but won’t be able to buy, then try this theme on your bada device to get a feel of amazing android Smartphone.

5. ChatON


ChatON is amazing global mobile communication service that enables you to have better relationships with your buddies and groups of buddies.

6. Magic- Amazing Theme

Magic Theme2
Magic Theme

Another cool theme for your device using which you can feel the magic flowing at your fingers while you slide through this beautiful and mystical theme. Use the power of the elements and the wisdom of the greats wizards in your favor to customize your phone.

7. SafeSecrets


SafeSecrets is application for keeping sensitive data like passwords, credit card numbers, phone numbers, mail accounts, notes etc. Safe. Data is organized in categories which can be customized.

8. Power Saver

Power Saver2
Power Saver

Power saver is cool productivity app which helps you to save and optimize your mobile power. This Power Saver App to detect usage and to keep the screen on but at the same time having short Backlight time (Settings, Display) for saving power. Placing phone horizontally on a table or having proximity sensor covered is counted as inactivity.

9. Sketchizator bada 1.0


Sketchizator is a cool camera that shows the famous pencil effect in real time and when the picture is taken it is saved at full resolution.

10. Travel Translator

Travel Translator
Travel Translator2

If you travel a lot or love to travel then you might love to look for this app. Its a Quick and Powerful translator and one thing which I really like about this app is that there doesn’t need internet connection.

11. Facebook for bada

Facebook for bada
Facebook for bada2

We all know about Facebook and if you want to use this social networking website from your mobile, then you might love to use this app. Facebook for bada makes it easy to stay connected and share with friends. Share status updates from your home screen, chat with your friends and more you will explore when you give try to this app.

12. Air Hockey Turbo

Air Hockey Turbo2
Air Hockey2

Beat the AI opponent in the Air Hockey Turbo game. This game features lots of levels with increasing difficulty. If you play this game you will surely have lots of fun. Am I forgetting to share with you that now you can play this game in two player mode (on same device).

13. Map Siri Pro

Map Siri Pro2
Map Siri Pro

Map Siri Pro is a great application to use and feel. Using this app you can control by voice,ordered local search application, location (bank, hotel, ATM, gas …) and more.

14. Fast Touch

Fast Torch2
Fast Torch

Fast touch play a role of torch when you don’t have any other option to get light. The biggest advantage of this flashlight is that it is very fast, fires in 2 seconds and then clicking the “ON” it takes us a second, pozbawiaona additives, very simple. You can also ou can lock your phone, turn off the screen and the LED continues to light, aplikajcę can be minimized and write text messages and the LED will continue to shine. Also check Ultimate Torch

15. Talking Elly Elephant Free

Talking Elly Elephant Free
Talking Elly Elephant Free2

Talking Elly Elephant is an amazing app like like talking tom for android and iOS. This app featuring Elly, a little elephant, that responds to belly rubs and repeats everything you say in a funny voice. You have to rub Elly belly when she doesn’t do anything (just blinking) and then you will see hear the reaction. You might also love to check Talking Chipmunks

16. Piano Sound

Piano Sound

Piano Sound is amazing which application allows you to play piano using a multitouch, scrollable, three-octave keyboard. You can choose the tones of instruments such as piano, church organ, electric organ, hardsichord, bells etc.

17. PhotoEditor


Photo editor is another cool photo editing application which provides basic editing functions for an image. This app featuring Photo editor application provides basic editing functions for an image and more.

18. Rotary Dialer

Rotary Dialer2
Rotary Dialer

If you still love the old generation number dialing phenomenon, then this app is your cup of tea for sure. Using this application is mimic of older generation phone where you have to put your finger in it and spin it around the center, and then it slowly twists back and plays the sound of a dial returning. This application also supports adding number using keypad and contacts.

19. LED Flashlight

LED Flashlight2
LED Flashlight

We all know that flashlight plays an important role when it comes to capturing snapshots. Using this app you can also LED flash as a flashlight on your bada device. You can just turn the light on or let it flick in an adjustable interval for signalization or any other purposes.

20. Mobile Scan

Mobile Scan
Mobile Scan2

Mobile Scan is another cool application to protect Samsung bada mobile phone from several types of malware. It scans files on the phone and SD card, and notifies to the user.

21. Snake


Snake is cool game for your bada device, all you have eaten all gifts, travel with the snake around and don’t touch the tail,avoid the walls,too.

22. Adrenaline Pool Online 2

Adrenaline Pool Online 2

If pool is your favorite game and love to watch this game on your Samsung bada device, then you might love to play  Adrenaline Pool Online 2. Game featuring 4 game modes and authentic physics that brings the excitement of real pool to your fingers. Play modes include 8 Ball, 9 Ball, Straight, Snooker! Play against Internet players or test your skills challenging the computer.

23. Broken Screen

Broken Screen
Broken Screen2

Play a prank with your friend using this app. All you have to do us click on the application’s icon and give your Samsung Wave to a friend. Each time he touches the screen it will seem broken! Includes sound effects. If you want to start again just shake it and you are again ready to roll.

24. DeepDanger


DeepDanger is an exciting 3D helicopter action game based on IdealDimension’s 3D game engine. In this game you can can participate in air battles to test your pilot skills against your enemies.

25. KakaoTalk


Kakaoo Talk is another cool messenger for your Samsung bada device that allows users to send and receive messages including photos, and videos through one-on-one and group chats internationally.

26. Notebook on bada

Notebook on bada2
Notebook on bada

This app is really a cool  notebook app for your Smartphone. Using this app you can create notes, capture photos, record voice, share via email, lock, make favorite, organize in notebook and makes note searchable.

27. SenseBall


SenseBall is a simple but fast-paced and addictive game, the goal of it is to direct a ball to the exit point of each level by motion control. I’m sure you will enjoy this game for sure.

28. Metro UI Theme

Metro UI Theme2
Metro UI Theme

If you are window phone theme love, then you can use this theme on your Smartphone. This is a original theme and the icons Metro UI. Your Wave it may look like the latest Windows. Install it and rate.

29. Third Blade (Wave)

Third Blade (Wave)
Third Blade (Wave)2

Third Blade is amazing rpg for your bada device, game featuring 3 types of blades—dual wield, one-handed blade, and two-handed sword—can be used to defeat all kinds of vicious monsters as you play along.

30. ColorTuch


Using this app you can use your imagination to paint the pictures from gray to color and color to grey.

31. Bollywood Songs

Bollywood Songs
Bollywood Songs2

This is another cool app featuring a great collection of Hindi Bollywood songs ever!! Must have for all Bollywood fans.

32. Ringtone Creator

Ringtone Creator2
Ringtone Creator

Amazing tweak to create a ringtone on your bada device, simply cut MP3 files to create ringtone.

33. The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn

The Adventures of Tintin- The Secret of the Unicorn

If you really like Tintin and love to play games related to him, then you might love to play this one “ The Secret of the Unicorn”. A game featuring Tintin, Snowy, Captain Haddock or Sir Francis Haddock, on a journey across oceans, deserts and exotic cities to discover a magnificent lost treasure.

34. Battery Life


Calculate remaining battery power based on factors such as WiFi use, call time, listening to music, use of 2G or 3G

35. Cricket World ChampionshipT20


If you are a cricket fan and love to play cricket on your Samsung Smartphone, then why don’t you play world championship T20. In this game play cracking cover drives, play it over the top, sizzling straight drives, loft it to boundary over the square leg and chase your way to the victory.

36. Glamour Reflections

Glamour Reflections
Glamour Reflections2

This another cool and only app for your Smartphone featuring mirror app with 9 color effects, 9 cool frames and the ability to snap and upload photos. It’s also your live personal photo studio.

37. NetSpeed


Using this amazing app you can test Internet connection speed of loading web pages or large files. There are predefined popular websites, but you can add any web address to test.

38. FakeCall


Have you ever waited that someone calls you in any uncomfortable situations, then you might love to use this app. Using this app you can make anyone such as your boss, friends, and lovers who you want call you at your preferred time.

39. Guitar Tuner

Guitar Tuner2
Guitar Tuner

If you play guitar, then don’t forget to install this guitar tuner on your Smartphone.

40. ModFace


Cool app that is going to make your photo montages easier and faster. It is simple and fast: take a picture, the app is going to recognize people’s faces and automatically replace their faces with one of the many memes available.

41. Samsung TV Remote Control Application

Samsung TV Remote Control Application2
Samsung TV Remote Control Application

You can use this application for controlling a Samsung TV. The application communicates with the Samsung TV via Wi-Fi connection.

42. VoiceLogin


It’s another great example of technology featuring speech recognition. You can use this app to login to your secrets notes and password.

43. GpsMap free edition

GpsMap free edition2
GpsMap free edition

This is cool free GPS Map app for your bada device. App display your location on a map, search for POIs, calculates the current distance to waypoints, Geocaching, simple navigation tasks and more.

44. Download File

Download File
Download File2

Its another cool application which allows downloading files or web pages.

45. What’s Next – Calendar and Task viewer widget

What’s Next – Calendar and Task viewer widget
What’s Next – Calendar and Task viewer widget2

This is one of my favorite schedule viewer widget for Bada 2.0 will show you coming appointments, anniversary and tasks. It also shows the whole list of events number of days in advance to show from 2 days to 6 months and more.

46. Old Photo PRO 2.0

Old Photo PRO 2
Old Photo Pro


Old Photo PRO is a fully functional and free application for transforming photographs.

47. MobileTube


MobileTube for bada is inspired from YouTube featuring millions of videos right in your pocket. This app featuring Most Viewed, Top Rated, Most Recent and the Featured videos from YouTube

48. Oxford English Dictionary

Oxford English Dictionary2
Oxford English Dictionary

This is an Oxford Compact Advanced dictionary and we all know what a dictionary is and for what purpose we use it. Also this app featuring all the 50,000 references covering current English and more. One thing which I really like about this dictionary is that you don’t need any internet connection for using this app.

49. Compass


If you are an adventure loving person then don’t forget to install this compass on your bada Smartphone.

50. Painter Lite

Painter Lite2
Painter Lite

An awesome drawing application using which you can create amazing drawings. Perfect for stress relief or as a hobby. Save your files and show your friends.

So these are 50 best free bada app for your Smartphone.  We have made all efforts to put the best of the best apps on this list but if you feel we forget to share any good name don’t forget to share with us. Also tell us which one is your favorite app in above mentioned free apps for Smartphone with bada

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