Do You Have What it Takes to Be a Psychic?

If you have always admired characters like Psycho Mantis (from Metal Gear) or Raz (from Psychonauts), you may have always dreamed of delving into psychic realms yourself. These characters have amazing abilities such as reading minds, levitation, and telekinesis, but just because you have never travelled across the universe mentally, doesn’t mean you don’t have a psychic gift. The world has always been intrigued by psychics, largely because of the ability they have to help us answer important questions, and the possibility they may offer us to connect with those we have loved and lost.

Studies Show Spirituality is Linked to Greater Wellbeing

Far from being a pastime for ‘freaks and geeks’ alone, psychic practices are slowly gaining important ground in the mental health sector, since numerous recent studies have shown that spirituality (which differs from organized religion) can have an important role in making us feel more content with our lives.
In essence, whether religious services, tarot, mediumship, or yoga are your thing, any practice that helps you feel part of a vital life energy has been found to be a positive influence on mental health.

What are the Signs of Genuine Psychic Ability

While each person may have different signs and symptoms of a psychic gift, some of the most common include having visions (for instance, you might frequent see images in the corner of your eye, or have dream visions of people who have passed away); being very intuitive to the emotions of people around you; noticing smells and changes in temperature that others may not notice; and seeing flashing lights or auras around people.

Many psychics also have an uncanny ability to receive telepathic messages from loved ones. They may know who is ringing them on the phone, sense when someone is in trouble, or discover more about a person by touching their things or shaking their hands, etc. Just think of Raz and his uncanny ability to know what someone is thinking; have you ever felt like you had this power?

The Ability to Influence Others

Does your power go further? Are you able to influence how others feel/do you find that people often follow your advice? If so, you may be able to steer them in the right direction. The last thing you should do if you have this gift is to go berzerk, Alma Wayde (F.E.A.R.)-style and use this influence to make others hallucinate, or scare them with your amazing telekinetic powers.

Connections with Those Who Have Left Us

Some people with psychic gifts specialize in sharing messages from loved ones who are no longer here (that is, they have the gift of mediumship). When their gift is genuine, the psychic should be able to give specific details. For instance, they might say “I see your grandmother, she is with a white dog called Lily.” These kinds of details are impossible to guess or invent as one goes along. Another strong sign of special ability is predicting events which will happen, with a high percentage of predictions coming true.

Having a psychic gift involves much more than merely possessing a specific list of abilities. It is above all something you need to identify through deep introspection. Usually, your gift will be accompanied by a desire to help others, lend greater clarity to their lives, and possibly, communicate with loved ones who may wish to send them an important message through you.

Jane Sandwood has been a freelance writer and editor for over 10 years. She has written for both digital and print across a wide variety of fields. Her main interest is exploring how people can improve their health and well being in their everyday life. And when she isn’t writing, Jane can often be found with her nose in a good book, at the gym or just spending quality time with her family.

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