Next Level Workplace: How Awesome is Your Office?

A fun workplace can make even a boring job become something to look forward to, but what makes an office cool? Awesome offices use all kinds of cool tech, designs, and views to welcome clients, brighten up meetings, and make tough jobs easier to do. We look at a few examples of how offices can go from humdrum to humdinger.

Smart Walls

A blank wall can be a pretty depressing sight in any job, but in a growing number of meeting rooms, walls are being used to project screens on smartphones, laptops, and tablets. These walls work by using a smart projector, where whatever is being screened can be used just like a touchscreen device. Sony brought out a projector that does just that back in February.

Three walls being used to project an image of an open space using a smart projector.

Clutter-free Space

A cluttered office can result in distractions and make moving around the workplace a challenge. Many of the best offices in the world have built-in shelves, bookcases and even screens. This makes offices seem minimalist and, particularly for open-plan spaces, more flexible for such tasks as company meetings and open days. For office organization and storage solutions to achieve this streamlined look, you can explore options available at EveryMarket.

Brainstorming Spaces

Cool offices usually have a dedicated room or space for brainstorming sessions. In creative or marketing businesses, they may have smart walls or, like in the image above, chalkboard walls. The chalkboard wall is a great feature that’s both inexpensive and easy to do.

Blue room
Photo by Huseyn Kamaladdin:

Brainstorming spaces can be made awesome by adding fun furniture too. Bean bags, easy chairs, neon tables – these can help to make workers feel at ease when they need to get those creative juices flowing.

Themed Offices

Many big brands have themes or quirky tech and furniture throughout their offices, often using different ones for individual rooms. Some of Google’s offices are prime examples; they have cable cars as workstations, a theater with different armchairs for presentations and treadmills with touchscreen computers are all present!

When trying to find a commercial property to set up a new office, businesses need enough space to work with. A significant amount of room is needed to turn a blank office into an indoor tropical paradise or playground!

Desk With a View

One way in which a workplace can be awesome is by having a great view. It could be a bustling cityscape such as that of London or Paris or be somewhere much greener. Research suggests that a more scenic view improves job satisfaction and productivity, so you are better off avoiding jobs in offices next to a highway or in a grim business park.

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