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Many people have found a way to earn a living by blogging. If you are interested in this prospect, then this How to Blog For Money Series is for you. There are some key things you have to do before you can make money.


I’ve talked about whether or not there is a need for more blogs and if you should start one. If you have decided that starting a blog is right for you, then you need to come up with a name and branding. Once you have the name down, you are ready for the next step in the process; developing a functioning blog.

Will You Build Your Own Site or Ask For Help?

For people that want to get started on their own website, they have a lot of daunting questions to answer. Depending on your budget will determine if you chose to hire a company to build your website, or if you will chose to do it on your own.

Both of these options have benefits for an individual. For someone that has little experience with building a website, they may want to reach out for help. The good news for those people is that there are a lot of options for good website builders.

Others chose to figure out how to do the process on their own. There are simple website builders that you can access. With the number of video tutorials on YouTube, you can put together a website that looks professional.

What Functions Does Your Website Need?

Depending on your niche’ and the focus of your website, there are some things you will need to think about when determining functionality.


1. Can you use the interface?

It doesn’t matter how amazing your theme is, if you do not know how to use the interface you have, it is useless. I always suggest to people to use WordPress, because there are countless tutorials for every theme out there.

2. Does the Theme Have the Functions You Need Most?

Most themes can be customized to a degree. Some themes have more customization abilities than others. When choosing a theme, try not to get hung up on the color schemes.

Instead, when choosing a theme, look at what functions it provides. You need to make sure you have the functions you need for your purposes.

3. Is Your Site User Friendly?

It happens to the best of us. We spend a lot of time putting together a website that we know the ends and outs of. Just because we know all the ends and outs does not mean it is user friendly.

It is important to have someone who is unfamiliar with you website to check it out. Find out from a first time user’s standpoint how easy the site is to use. Then you can use their feedback to make the necessary changes.

Building a website can be a fun thing that gives you the outlet you need to share with the world around you.

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Keelie Reason
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