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How to Control Your PC & Laptop from Android Mobile with Monect

If you’re looking for a way using which you can stop/play your Spotify or Pandora stream just from sitting on your sofa? Or want to play PC game from your android mobile, then I have something for you.

Motech for android

It feels great, if you’re able to use your PC or Laptop just from sitting on your most comfortable couch. But the issue is that you have to spend lots of money on wireless devices like mouse and keyboards to do normal thing which you do on a PC, and these devices are not cheap at all. Why spend money when you have something which is capable doing what which I discussed above.

And the solution is Monect, One of the XDA Forum Member monect has released his own version of android app which provide a wireless interface to control a PC, effectively turning your phone/tablet/phablet into a keyboard/mouse/joystick/keypad all-in-one combo. It used wi-fi or Bluetooth to connect to your computer with the help of Server application which you have to install in the target computer. Once you’re done with installation process, your device will act like a wireless keyboard, mouse or you can also use it as controller to play different types of games like Racing, RPG, and more

(Snapshot 1)

Motech for android pictures1

(Snapshot 2)

Motech for android pictures

Lets we have look at features of Monect which are listed below:

1. RaceMode – Play PC driving game by your phone over wifi or bluetooth using G-Sensor!

2. TouchPad – Simulate touch pad on your phone with many gestures supporting, just like Apple’s trackpad!

3. My Computer – Exploring PC files on your phone!

4. Joystick – Simulate joystick so you can play street fighter or dmc etc.

5. FPS mode – Using gyroscope to aim the target just like a real gun in your hand, perfect support COD serial!

6. Keyboards – Simulate typewriter keyboard, function keyboard, numeric keyboards…

7. Text transfer – Type text on your phone and then transfer the text to PC directly with one hit!

8. PPT mode – When you need to have a lecture or a meeting, use this to make it easy!

9. Browser, Media Control- Easily control all kinds of web browser & media player, And many more…

Oh! Should I forget to tell you don’t have to pay a single cent to get this app on your device freely from Play store. One thing which I really like about this android app is, that no special requirement like root and installation of the server side app needed on your computer. So if you want to try this amazing application follow below links

Give a try to this amazing android app and don’t forget to share your experience with us or original thread created by developer for this app, if you are facing any bugs and want to give suggestion to improve this app. This is the only thing which developers looking from you at the moment

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