30 Best Plugins for New WordPress Website

If you’re the one who starting his new website running on WordPress and looking for some Best Plugins for New WordPress Website, then you must read this opinion piece cover by us.

Best Plugins for New WordPress Website

According to WordPress stats, it has a user database of 60 million people who have decided to choose WordPress as their blogging platform. We all know that WordPress, is a customizable CMS software using which you can change anything just by making a few clicks. It has lots of plugin which also helps to improve the functionality of this platform, and guess what? Most of them are available for free

Basically WordPress comes in a basic version and if you are looking to improve the functionality then you are in luck. Here are some Best Plugins for WordPress website that are available free of cost in a  downloadable format.

1. Authenticator

 This one enables authentication at two levels like what you have in Gmail or Dropbox

2. WP-DBManager

 This will enable to backup database in WordPress manually. This way you can set a job schedule for database and backup files which will be sent to Email at the regular time. People who are well versed with WP can even use it to run SQL  queries

3. Debug Queries

 If you find your blog too slow you can use this Plugin to identify the MySQL queries that are slowing the blog by executing slowly.

4. P3 Profiler

This one will let you glean which plugins are making your website run slower. You can get a pie chart with details of how much time is taken for each plugin to load onto the pages of your website

5. Auto Post Thumbnail

You can use this plugin to create thumbnails for older blogs which do not have them. The newer ones have this enabled by WP

6. Regenerate Thumbnails

This one will enable you to regenerate Thumbnails even when you change the default dimensions on your blogs for post thumbnails

7. Google XML Sitemaps

The objective of each blog/. site is to be easy to search engines like Google to know about all the pages on the site for which you need a XML sitemap. You can use this Plugin to do just that and that too with just a click

8. XML Video Sitemap

This one will help generate YouTube videos based XML sitemap. This will be for those videos embedded in your posts

9. Date in a Nice Tone

This one lets you show dates on posts in different ways and with different parameters

10. SyntaxHighlighter Evolved

If you are in the habit of embedding code snippets in the blogs then this plugin will let you highlight the syntax of the source code. This can be done in many hues to make for simple and easy reading

11. Pubsubhubbub

You can use this to defeat Content scrapers who use fat pings. This one will notify Google by pinging that you are the original writer of the blog

12. Bing 404

If one of your visitor land on 404 pages with no redirection enablement, then it will show links to the related article on the page23.

13. WP-Associatizer

This one will write any URL in your posts that are Amazon based to use the related associates identification

14. Template Tag SC

This one will let you insert template tags on your posts directly using short codes

15. Limit Login Attempts

Good for keeping track of failed attempts at logging in and this can be used to lock out when a person has exceeded a certain number of attempts.

16. CF Shortcode

Will enable you to put in custom fields within WP posts with the help of the visual editor.

17. Advanced Excerpt

Using this WordPress Plugin you can set a custom length for excerpts in your website/Blog.

18. Threat Scan

You can use this to scan the PHP files in case of any threat.

19. Nice Search

With help of Nice Search you can make make neat permalinks for WP search pages.

20. AssetsMinify

AssetsMinify Helps you to sharpen the response time of your website pages.

21. Search Regex

It’s an amazing set of search and replace functions to WordPress. Using this plugin you can  search and replace almost any data stored on your site

22. WordPress SEO by Yoast

This plugin helps you to improve your WordPress SEO. All you need to do is write better content and you will have a nice optimized site with this plugin.

23. W3 Total Cache

An amazing WordPress plugin which is designed to improve user experience and page speed.

24. 404 Email Notifier

Use these plugins to make your WordPress site or blog even easier and simpler to use. This is with respect to both your visitors as well as the search engines. After all these are the main objectives of having a site or blog.

25. Smart YouTube

This plugin help you to easily insert videos/playlists into your post, comments and in your RSS feed.

26. SlideShare

Using this help you can easily embed SlideShare presentations into your WordPress posts.

27.  YARRP

This plugin displays a list of related entries on your site and feeds based on a unique algorithm.

28. WP Optimize

If you want to clean your cleanup your WordPress database tables you can use this plugin.

29. Debug Queries

If your blog is slow and then you can use this plugin to check which MySQL queries is taking too much time and slowing down your blog.

30. Quick AdSense

Quick Adsense offers a quicker & a flexible way to insert Google Adsense or any Ads code into a blog post.

Use these plugins to make your WordPress site or blog even easier and simpler to use. This is with respect to both your visitors as well as the search engines. After all these are the main objectives of having a site or blog. Also if you feel I missed to add any good name feel free to share with us.

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