3 Productivity Tools That Can Help Your Startup Succeed

Starting a business means trying to find a balance between spending cash and saving money where possible. Low-cost and free productivity tools are investments that can save you money. With these tools, employees can work more efficiently without stressing about incomplete projects or missed deadlines. Discover three productivity tools to help your startup get off the ground and propel toward the future.


Communication is key in any business, but especially in a startup. A project often gets derailed when people aren’t talking to each other or everyone in the group. Instant messaging has changed how office co-workers communicate, but even that communication can get unwieldy.

Slack is a collaboration communications tool for businesses.
Use Slack To Increase Productivity

Slack is a program that lets users communicate with specific groups, send notifications through various platforms, and send and receive files. Create a private, locked channel for sensitive information and share it only with those who need to stay in the loop of communications. However you choose to use Slack, you won’t have anyone who can say, “I didn’t get the email.” You can use business automation platforms to integrate Slack to your daily flow and make it even better.

Slack has free and paid versions that run on PC, iOS, and Android devices. For Android-centric startups, an Android app tech source such as Android Headlines is an excellent resource to keep up with the latest productivity apps.


Every business needs a website, but not every business has the funds to pay a website designer and developer. Enter WordPress. The content management system, or CMS, of WordPress is straightforward and easy to manipulate. In almost no time, you can launch a website you’ve designed and created. If you choose to use one of the free WordPress themes available, you’ll only spend on the cost of a web hosting service.

WordPress uses templates that overlay on its basic framework. Users can find a template they think fits with their business, upload that template to their hosting service with a WordPress installation, and click the install button. All that’s left to do is to populate pages with content, the text and images, that relate to the business. WordPress offers a great way to start a website until you have funds to create a more robust site using the services of a professional web designer and developer.

WordPress is an easy to use content management system to help launch your website
Create A Website With WordPress

You’ll find many free WordPress themes available that have enough functionality to get any business website started.

Ring Central

Missing a phone call in the early days of a startup can potentially mean lost business. Ring Central is an affordable PBX system that forwards all calls to cell phones and landline telephone numbers. With Ring Central, you can make sure that the caller can connect to the right person at any time. With Ring Central in place, people can go about their daily routines without fearing that they’ll miss a telephone call.

These three productivity tools are some of several productivity apps that can help new businesses succeed. When considering the tools you’ll use, look for ones with rich features and functionality that has little to no learning curve. Get everyone on board quickly and get a startup moving forward with momentum.

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Contributed by: Ashley Carter

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