Studio Lights: The Different Types of Studios Light and How to Pick the Best Lighting Setup

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Putting up a studio for photography or videography can be challenging. You must use the right studio lighting kit to ensure perfect production. That’s why you must research the different studio light’s pros and cons to make the best purchasing decisions. The lighting equipment will depend on many factors. Suppose you are shooting for a TV show. In that case, you might need to consider TV studio lighting design before choosing the best equipment. This article will help you evaluate the different studio lights and how to pick the best lighting setup.

Things You Need to Consider When Choosing A Lighting Equipment

The Type of Shoot

The lighting equipment you need will depend on the shoot you are doing. You can consult with other professionals to know the kind of equipment to use, especially when you are not sure. The amount of light required for a product can differ from the artificial light you might need when shooting an outdoor portrait. It’s essential to evaluate the type of shoots you often do to know the lighting equipment you always need.

The Budget 

Some lighting equipment is more expensive than others. When looking for good equipment, you need to be ready to spend some amount if you want high-quality products. However, when you are on a budget, always prioritize the type of equipment that you need most, then buy the less critical items later.

The Location

When you shoot inside a studio, your lighting equipment will be different than if you are outdoors. When looking for lighting equipment, look for what you need in most shoots. Knowing the location in which you do most of your shoots will help you decide on the type of equipment you need.

Some of the Studio Lighting Equipment You can consider

The Monolight Strobe Lighting

The monolights are self-contained strobe lights and often come with a power source.


Effective at lighting a variety of subjects

The monolights can be used to light a variety of subjects. This is because they produce high-powered directional light, and they are not bulky.

They Are Self Powered

The monolights come with a self-contained power source, unlike the standard strobe lights, making them portable. You can use the monolights in and out of the studio.


They are Fragile

The monolights are very fragile and can be broken easily. You need to be cautious when using the moonlight. Additionally, they are costly compared to other lights.

The Speed Lights

Speed lights are an external flash that is faster than the standard camera flash. They are often used in conjunction with softboxes and photography umbrellas.



Speed lights can be used for various things, including fast action shots.

They are Easily Portable

Speed lights are lightweight, and you can carry them anywhere you are doing your shoots.

Wrapping Up:

The above are crucial considerations when looking for studio lights. When choosing, ensure you evaluate your work to know where you do your shooting most and the places that require more lighting. 

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