6 Best Alternative to Android & iOS [Operating System] 2014

nokia x platform 1.0

Android and iOS rule Smartphone market and if we check statistic more than 95 percent of Smartphone run these two operating systems. But the fact is that not everyone is happy with these operating systems. If you’re the one who’s tired of using Android and iOS and looking for some best Alternative to Android and iOS, then this article is your cup of tea.

Discussions about new, upcoming and alternative of Operating System give birth to the query, i.e. Is another Operating System for Smartphone really required? It is only correct, but you cannot afford to ignore the competition. While it is a fact that Apple and Google rule the market with regard to Smartphones. Even they have a bigger market share as compared to earlier, but still let us be positive and look at the mobile operating systems that counted as the best alternative to Android & iOS and we can expect to see in the near future. There are exciting times ahead and we should be looking forward to a lot more choices. Here is a list of what you can use, if you’re totally fed up from Android and iOS in the near future.

1. Ubuntu Touch

Ubuntu Touch

This is an interface for mobile that has been developed by Canonical Ltd for Ubuntu. The interface intended for Smartphone and tablets has been released earlier this year and developer preview a month later. The apps for Ubuntu Touch operating system are in QT and HTML5. This makes it viable to run Web OS, Tizen and Firefox OS programs without needing a browser. The products with Ubuntu are to hit the market soon

2. Tizen


This one is open source and free Mobile operating system supported by Linux. The software framework for outside developers is dependent on web technologies like WAC and Web standards like HTML5. It is fully supported by Linux foundation and the development is taken forward by corporations that aggregated near Tizen association which nonprofit group. This group is run by a Board of Directors made up of Intel, Huawei, Panasonic, Sprint, Vodafone and Samsung. This operating system is intriguing as it has been designed towards being used by many devices such as tablets, in-vehicle infotainment, smart televisions and Smartphones. What is more Tizen also allows HTML5 apps and this ensures the running of Web OS, Ubuntu technologies and Firefox OS programs without needing a browser. The plans are on by Samsung to send its first Tizen phone towards the third quarter to the market.

3. Firefox OS

Firefox OS

This is similar to the Google Chrome Operating system but with one vital deviation; it works on Smartphones. This OS is completely fashioned to be used for web and composed on the web. The applications in Firefox are completely built on HTML5 and other open web based standards. This makes it free from the restrictions and rules of current platforms that are proprietary. This OS has obtained a lot of support and encouragement from the leaders of the industry like Etisalat, Deutsche Telekom, Sprint, Smart, Telecom Italia, ZTE, Telenor and Telefónica as being a much looked for Smartphone entrant.

4. Jolla’s Sailfish OS

This one is based on Linux and has been formed by Jolla. It has been based on top of the Meir OS core which in an interface In-house and QML, Qt Jolla OS and HTML5 . It came about from the Meego Operating system project from Intel and Nokia. This one has a user interface that is proprietary and will stand out among the other operating systems as it has the capacity to operate Android applications apart from QT and HTML5 applications. This has been enabled by Application Compatibility Layer

5. Windows Phone

Windows Phone

This is the next logical step to Windows Mobile Platform. It is likely the one of the most advanced project in the operating system realm mentioned here. The commercialization process of this phone has been already underway and a small percentage of phones in US had this OS. Windows Phone has an a user interface which has been codenamed Metro. Icons are shaped to be square have unicolor, are dynamic and updated constantly.

6. Nokia X Platform

nokia x platform 1.0

Nokia X is a customized platform built on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), the software stack upon which some of the most popular smartphones in the world are based. Nokia X lets you leverage your existing Android apps, while taking advantage of Nokia’s optimizations to help you grab more downloads and generate more revenues in targeted markets

So these are the 5 Best Alternative to Android & iOS , use the comment section and don’t forget to tell us about your pick.

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