Are You Excited For The OnePlus 7 Pro?

The OnePlus 7 series just hit the market. The series offers the standard OnePlus 7, but the star of the show is its luxury counterpart the OnePlus 7 Pro. The sleek phone is expected to compete with the Galaxy S10e, the iPhone XR and even the Google Pixel 3a XL.

Are you hyped about the release, or are you anticipating the worst? Before you make any big decisions, you should read about some of the pros and cons that the OnePlus 7 Pro brings to the table.

The Good News:

First, you need to start with the good news. One of the most amazing qualities of the new OnePlus 7 Pro is that it has a gorgeous near bezel-less screen that puts almost every other phone to shame. It doesn’t have the infamous notch or the hole-punch for the front-facing camera, like the Galaxy S10 series.

Many phones sacrifice the smooth screen for the sake of front-facing cameras and sensors. The OnePlus 7 Pro avoids all of this by having a pop-up selfie camera that tucks away from view when you don’t need it. So, you can have a perfect unimpeded screen while playing games, watching videos and reading articles.

The new release also takes some of the pickiest complaints about the OnePlus 6 and offers strong improvements like three rear-mounted cameras, greater battery-life, and 90Hz refresh rate. If you liked the predecessor, you are bound to be impressed by this dramatic upgrade.

The Not-So-Good News:

On the downside, there are some changes that OnePlus didn’t add that critics were crossing their fingers for. Much like the predecessors, the OnePlus 7 Pro won’t have an IP rating to show users how well the device can contend with destructive elements like dust and water. Considering how dust-tightness and water-resistance are features that other companies are highlighting with their launches, the absence of a clear rating is disappointing.

Luckily, this is a problem that can be handled. Not knowing how delicate your phone is can be unnerving, but you can make sure the device is well-protected by taking safety precautions right after pulling it out of the box. Avoid getting your phone wet by keeping it out of the rain and away from bodies of water. You can also get skins for the brand new OnePlus 7 Pro to guard the device against permanent damage from drops, dust, and dirt. Remember to pair it with a durable screen protector for complete coverage.

You may want to get a skin for aesthetic reasons as well. The OnePlus Pro 7 color options are limited to the small list of Mirror Gray, Nebula Blue, and Almond. Picking up a vinyl skin with a bold design could give your device a little more personality. Look at how it works for other OnePlus models.

Another con that users may not be happy with is that it has no wireless charging. Despite the overwhelming demand from tech-lovers, OnePlus didn’t include the highly desirable feature in their newest release.

Remember, many of the phones with wireless charging can take a long time to get the battery up to 100%. Features like wireless power-sharing between two different devices can be even slower. On the positive side, the OnePlus 7 series will have traditional charging that works incredibly fast so you can have enough battery to get through your busy day.

The OnePlus 7 Pro will be exclusively sold by T-Mobile — the carrier made a similar move last year with the phone’s predecessor the OnePlus 6T. Loyal T-Mobile customers will likely get lower prices if they choose the OnePlus 7 Pro through a payment plan or trade-in an older device for the upgrade. If you don’t use T-Mobile, you can wait for OnePlus to sell unlocked devices from their official website.

The OnePlus 7 Pro has some problems, but it’s also a beautiful device packed with amazing features and it sports a price tag that won’t make you faint. Ask yourself if the problems are really deal-breakers, or if you can work around them. It’s possible that this new phone is the right one for you.

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