Apple Promising To Make Your Home a Smart One!

smart home app
smart home app

Apple is rumored to unveil its “smart home” platform early in June. It came to be known right after Google pulled off a coup by purchasing the Nest Labs, a smart thermostat system that was created by ex-Apple execs, in January. The idea is centered on transforming your homes into a remotely accessible entity, giving you instant control over most of your gadgets and electronic home appliances.

According to the report ran by Financial Times, Apple plans to centralize the whole theme around its iPhone as this initiative is a core component of iOS. Features like iBeacon and Wi-Fi will be employed to give remote access to your homes. Imagine yourself walking into your home, to find your house already brightened up and warmed up. There is much more to that. This technology will allow homeowners to wireless tune their home arrival with turning on of the lights, activation of home security systems, turning on of various gadgets and appliances around the house etc.

The smart home technology will not only be able to keep tabs on your location but also, it will be programmed to learn your daily habits and modify accordingly. If you happen to be a morning coffee person, you will find your coffee ready when you walk into your kitchen in the morning.

smart home app concept

The garage-door openers, home security and alarm systems, TV, lightening system, music controller, thermostat and the kitchen appliances etc will only be a tap away from you. Home automation is a concept that people still have to warm to but once it becomes widely accepted, it is likely to make your homes more comfortable. “The internet of things” it is called. According to another report, by 2018, the number of automated products is estimated to reach around 9 billion.

Apple will be working in collaboration with certain device makers to incorporate the smart home technology in their devices. However, the names of these companies haven’t been revealed as yet.

The idea has, naturally, given rise to the concerns of privacy and security. Waking up one morning only to find that your home security is no longer under your control and that you cannot use your home devices anymore is quite a frightening notion. Seems like, Apple has a long way to go to minimize all the security threats that will be posed if such a system becomes a common practice.

iPhone Smart Home

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