Apple Will Sell Unlocked iPhone 7 Amid Microsoft Surface Phone Rumors

Amid growing rumors surrounding the release of the Microsoft Surface Phone, Apple has officially decided to start selling unlocked versions of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in the United States. The unlocked version of the smartphone will come without a SIM card and according to Apple will work with with any US network. The devices will be available in all the new iPhone 7 colors and storage capacities.

The unlocked iPhones are only available on the web-store at the moment but still stocks of the devices appear to be getting low. Despite the high demand for the new smartphone the prices are still fair. The iPhone 7 starts at $649 and the larger device starts at $769. Prices will vary depending on the storage capacity you chose to go with.

It is unusual for Apple to release unlocked versions of their newest devices this soon. It goes to reason they are attempting to get the iPhone 7 in as many hands as possible while the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 continues to burn out. Apple is also seemingly trying to flood the market before left field competitors like Nokia and the highly anticipated Microsoft Surface phone.

Microsoft Surface Phone Rumors

Rumors surrounding a possible Surface Phone have been reignited with a tweet from Microsoft Australia showed they are developing a new surface device. The controversial tweet was later deleted by the twitter accounts moderator. But before the tweet could be taken down many were able to see the promotional image with the caption, “New One in Surface family.”

Giving the phone a presumed edge over the iPhone 7  and current Android models is the its ability to run Win32 Apps on the device. This is revolutionary for Microsoft users as it would allow the surface phone to run the same legacy Windows programs as are being run on desktop devices. It is expected this change will draw a massive amount of new users who previously used Android.

Given Samsung is having to send out fireproof boxes for the Galaxy Note 7 to be returned in I think it’s safe to say now is a safe time to be releasing new smartphones. The smartphone market has an opening.

There have been conflicting reports but the majority agree the Surface Phone will feature a 5.7-inch touchscreen with 2K resolution. The phone is reported to come with ample amounts of RAM and lots of local storage. This will all be useful since the device is also expected to use 20 megapixel rear facing camera which utilizes a sleek Carl Zeiss lens.

Unlike the recent updates to iOS software and the new iPhone 7, the Surface Phone is expected to be the most secure device available according to Trusted Reviews.

There has been much speculation the phone will be released by the end of 2016. But as the weeks drag on this seems more and more unlikely. Alternate reports state the release is being pushed back and according to Mobile & Apps, the device will receive a March 2017 release.

Microsoft Surface Phone Leaks

Similar to the current Surface devices, leaked images suggest the Surface Phone will feature a keyboard cover. This allows users to type in a simple and stylish manner while not sacrificing the smartphone design.

The Microsoft Surface Phone To Have A Sleek Display

A Snapdragon 830 processor will power the device and it’s complex finger print reader. The tech titan recently placed a new patent on what they are calling the “Fingerprint Detection with Transparent Cover.” What makes this patent special is that the sensor is built into the display. Most smartphones require a separate surface or button designated specifically for fingerprint detection.

Reports suggest Microsoft will be releasing the phone with several different storage sizes . The base model of the Surface Phone is reported to come with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, while a mid-range device will offer 6GB RAM and 128GB storage.

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