5 Great Back to School Apps for Productivity

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In today’s technological society, back to school shopping doesn’t simply mean purchasing clothing, pencils, composition books, paper and other school supplies and electronic gadgets. For many parents, it also means purchasing one, or more of the many mobile applications that can help your high school or college student be more productive. Below are five of our picks for the best productivity apps for your student.

1. Evernote


A very popular app, Evernote is essentially a digital notebook that can is compatible with almost every major platform currently available. Most people use this versatile app as a note taker, where you can quickly jot down thoughts, ideas, to do lists, and anything else you can think of in separate notes. Every note you take is automatically synced to the cloud, and because it is compatible with so many platforms, you can view and edit notes from almost any device. You can also capture and attach pictures to you notes, directly send webpages to notes, tag them for organization, search through them, and share them via email or many social media platforms. With both a free, and a paid version, Evernote has plenty of features to keep everyone happy.

2. My Homework Student Planner

My HOmework Student Planner

The My Homework Student Planner is a great planner for both high school and college students as it syncs with Teachers.io. Therefore, if your teacher or school uses that app, you can easily join your class and have your schedule, syllabus, announcements and attachments automatically downloaded to your device. Additionally, this app cam track classes, tests, assignments and homework, and give you rewards for completing homework on time. The app is free, but ad supported however, for a small fee, you can have the ads removed.

3. Dictionary


Every student needs a good quality dictionary and this app from dictionary.com is perfect for the job. Using dictionary, students can quickly search for the definition of words, and find more synonyms and antonyms than they will ever need. Useful features include voice search, word origins, abbreviation listings, slang and idioms, and pronunciations. Of course, this great dictionary app also includes a full thesaurus, but there are stand-alone thesaurus apps available such as the one listed below.

Thesaurus Rex4. Thesaurus Rex

Also from Dictionary.com, Thesaurus Rex is a comprehensive thesaurus application that lets you play with words in a variety of different ways until you find the word you want. It also ranks synonyms for accuracy and meaning before displaying them.

5. MyScript Calculator

Myscript Calculator

Another must have for any student is a good quality calculator. However, instead of having to lug around a heavy calculator in their backpack alongside their books, students can download the MyScript Calculator to their smart phones. This calculator is easy to use, simple and intuitive. Students can simply write the math problem on the screen and then the app converts it all into digital text.

As you can see, there are many great applications available to help your young student be more organized and hopefully achieve great grades at school. Of course, these are only five of our favorites, and there are many more great productivity apps available. Do you or your child use any of these? Leave us a message and let us know your experiences. Also, if you use something different and absolutely love it, let us know. Maybe we will include it in our next list.

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