Another 7 Reasons Why Parents Shouldn’t Text

WTF - Welcome To Facebook

Today’s parents have it tough. Kids are using crazy abbreviations for texts that make it nearly impossible to determine what is being said. Forget TTYL or BRB… now you’re stuck with PBMWISILY – yeah, figure that one out! Who can blame parents for their sometimes incoherent, sometimes brilliantly evil schemes to get even with their children through texting?

WTF - Welcome To Facebook


It’s a proven fact that parents have a lot of knowledge about technology, but not necessarily a lot of wisdom when it comes to using modern technology. For example: everyone absolutely knows that WTF has always meant Welcome to Facebook. What else could it mean? Watch the fakers? Wake the Foot?

Mom lost phone while texting


And now for an encore: you can’t read with your glasses, can’t find your glasses, yet you’re reading this article. Hmmm….

Failed exam


The patterning of the exclamation points in this text is awesome. This dad deserves an A+ for being able to text coherently while replicating the use of a 1962 typewriter.

Mom left daughter behind in walmart


Look at the bright side: at least this mother didn’t leave her teenager in a hot car with the windows up and a video game system to use as a distraction…

Brother got accepted to Yale


Autocorrect is terrible. Just terrible. I can’t tell you how many times it has turned “fishing” into “fisting” on me and that just makes everyone feel awkward.

Ashley's Party


HAHAHAHAHA [breathe] HAHAHAHAHAHA I have to try this some day. Brilliant.

Computer Password


At least the password wasn’t “12345.” Imagine how difficult that texting situation would have been!

Do you have any classic texting moments with your parents… or with your kids if you’re a parent? We’d love to hear your stories! Share them below and you might see them featured in a future post!

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