10 Reasons Why you Should Consider a Chromebook

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When the Chromebook was first released, it was not highly thought of, and many considered it as a low end, throw away device. Because of this, the gadget got off to a slow start. However, that is quickly changing as people are beginning to realize that this affordable, Linux based notebook can be quite useful. In fact, some of the best-selling laptops listed on Amazon are Chromebooks.

If you are in the market for a new laptop, you should definitely look at the Chromebook, and below are a few reasons why.

1. Affordable

Unless you decide to purchase the Chromebook Pixel, Chromebooks can cost anywhere from $179 to $300 depending on the brand, model and size you purchase. This is much more affordable than many Windows based laptops.

2. Speed

The Chrome operating system is a single-minded platform, which means it doesn’t get bogged down like many other operating systems. Even with less RAM than the average laptop, a Chromebook is much faster than most of us are used to. Additionally, Chromebooks have an average boot time of 4-10 seconds and an instant on from sleep setting, which means you will never be waiting on your computer again.

3. Reliable

The ChromeOS is a Linux based operating system, which means that it is extremely reliable, and won’t freeze or crash as much as some of the other popular operating systems do.

4. Efficient

Using a Chromebook is a little different than using a Windows based laptop. While you can surf the internet the same way you would with any device, there is a lot less going on, which means less distractions.

5. Secure

Chrome OS web pages and applications run in a controlled setting known as a sandbox. Meaning, if you surf to a malicious website, dangerous content will not be able to access apps on the Chromebook, or the laptop itself. This means no viruses or malware to have to deal with.

6. Browser based

Almost everything we do on a computer these days is done through a browser. This is making a lot of the software on a Windows based PC redundant. A Chromebook is completely browser based, and obviously, uses one of the best browsers currently available.

7. Google app integration

The Chromebook is the only device that will seamlessly integrate with Google Apps, and with Google Apps gaining popularity with home users and businesses, the Chromebook will become more popular with all types of users.

8. Cloud Friendly

Just a few years ago, most of us had no clue what the cloud was, but recently it has become something that almost everyone uses. The Chromebook is one of the best cloud centric tools currently available. However, if you do not use the cloud, the Chromebook will still work well in offline mode.

9. Chromebook Community

There are a lot of Chromebook specific communities on Google + that are both informative and fun, and tons of websites dedicated to the Chromebook, which means you will never feel alone or like an outcast while using one.

10. Regular Updates

Google updates the Chrome operating system every six weeks or so, which means the Chromebooks are always up to date and constantly improving with each update.

These are only a few of the main reasons why many people are turning to Chromebooks for their home and business internet use. If you use, or want a Chromebook for other reasons, please leave us a comment and let us know.

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