Why Are Cannabis Edibles Surging In Popularity?

Cannabis edibles are food products that have been used for both recreational and medicinal purposes. It attracted a wide range of people, from Millennials to even senior citizens. The cannabis edibles skyrocketed in the market across the globe. There has been an unprecedented surge in demand for cannabis edibles due to its legalization of adult-use in many states and markets. Edibles were found to be safer and more effective than smoking. They are prepared by using Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD) of different combinations. 

What are cannabis edibles?

Cannabis edibles are just weed-infused food products such as snack bars, chocolate, brownies, baked foods, seasoning packets, cooking oil, breath strips, mints, beverages, and other items. There will be varying concentrations of cannabis in each product to the needs of different customers. Cannabis can be used in several ways, like smoking, vaping, and eating. The most popular option for consuming cannabis is taking it in its edible form. Many people perceive it as less messy and cool than vaped or smoked cannabis, which gives smoke effects. It may be worrying since your kid may be tempted to purchase and use it.

a woman pulling out a cannabis gummy from a tin

Cannabis classification

The resinous flowers of cannabis are distinguished based on the morphology of the plant into sativa, hybrid, or indica. All of them have different smells, flavors, and geographic regions. Kush is popular cannabis that originated in the Hindu Kush mountain range. It is further classified based on the vernacular aspects such as Kush, Haze, and Purple. Kush obtained the go-to term for high-quality cannabis in the United States. Read detailed reviews of different strains of cannabis, as well as a great place to purchase cannabis and cannabis edibles.

Here is a look at some of the reasons for cannabis edibles surging in popularity.

1. So adaptable

Cannabis is a highly adaptable compound that can absorb into the body in different ways. It is this flexibility that has led to a surge in the variety of cannabis products. They are now appearing on shelves and also online in various forms as gummies, for instance. There are multiple options for you to buy edibles online Canada. Numerous cannabis products are available in the form of capsules, oils, tinctures, ointment, etc.

However, it is the cannabis edibles most of the youth have enjoyed a real growth in popularity. The edibles are available in different tastes, such as sweet or savory or even baked goods. You can prefer it according to your taste choice. At My Green Solution you can find a wide variety of edibles that will suit any palate.

2. Cannabis in edible forms are a discrete way to take

Cannabis, a naturally occurring compound present in the plant, is getting popular right now. The reason for the popularity of the edibles is that they will enter into the digestive system before their effects are to be experienced. It shows that the dosage effect of the edibles is gradual than other types of dosing methods and provides an advantage as it offers a discreet way of taking cannabis. The edibles also can be taken alongside other food substances. Then what is the difficulty in taking it in its natural form by popping the cannabis? All you have to do is, unwrap and pop it into your mouth while you are out and about. Cannabis taken in the edible form will not produce any smoke or smell, which makes it discrete. It is difficult to distinguish between the conventional sweets and the cannabis version, making it the most discreet cannabis edible. Even the outsiders may not identify that you are getting high based on what you are eating.

3. Aware of what you are getting into

All the edibles of cannabis gummies, chocolate bars, candy, biscuits, etc., should be labeled with the THC content. It is a legal requirement to sell edibles. It helps the user to identify how potent the edibles they are going to consume are. The advantage of this is that people who have less tolerance to cannabis can take it even in microdoses. Alternatively, the person who wants to have a strong buzz, by knowing THC levels, may help to have it based on their personal preference. The other forms of cannabis, such as vaping or smoking, have been somewhat of a guessing game as the users never know the correct amount of dosage and how they are getting high. However, now, the edibles packed with THC content levels may help the consumers, and they can know what they are getting in. It is also one of the reasons among cannabis users that cannabis edibles surge in popularity.

4. Delicious taste of cannabis edibles

Generally, the edibles consist of a strong weed taste. When you have the first bite, it will be somewhat okay. However, on the next bite, the taste was not pleasant. After legalization, cannabis edibles are surging in popularity, and hence the businesses are perfecting their product’s taste. The taste of the edibles now is not like a weed. It is a piece of happy news, and at the same time, it gives worries as the edible tastes too good, as it may be carried away and eat much more than the requirement. Now there’s no reason not to try them for yourself!

5. Experienced users of cannabis

Another reason for cannabis edibles surging in popularity in the market growth is the matured consumers, who move away from inhalable products to edibles. Users who are familiar with the smoking effects of THC from flowers and taking tinctures began to use edibles. During this pandemic situation, consumers build cannabis edibles into their lifestyle when they resume their social lives and at the time of travel.

a plate of cookies laid out with cannabis leaves

6. Easy to share the edibles

Another plus for the edibles is that they may be easy to share with others. When you take the cannabis in vaping form, you have to pass the joints around or share the same pipe. If you use cannabis in the edible form, it is easy to share by taking a piece and engaging in a tasty treat. Due to the spreading of germs, people are very much worried about the COVID, so perhaps edibles are the way to go.


The surging popularity of cannabis edibles prompts edible manufacturers to turn their attention towards research and development and new product lines. The edibles outperformed the total cannabis market, which increased a hefty 54% last year. We see an increased movement towards edible forms of consumption and a way to attract newbies.

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