Why Cannabis Is Becoming More Popular

Today, the use of marijuana is more popular than in the past. Many adults have used the herb at least once in their lives, and more are choosing to use it regularly. There are several reasons for this shift, including the popularization of medical marijuana.

Medical Marijuana

More people are using cannabis to try to alleviate the symptoms of various health conditions. That’s a big reason for the increase in consumption rates. Today, more people question the safety of traditional drugs and are looking to treatments they deem more natural. Obtaining a medical cannabis card in Ohio and other states is easier with advancements in technology. Potential users with qualifying conditions just need to submit their information and talk to a doctor online to see if they qualify. Once a patient receives their card, they can access a Cannabis Dispensary and find a strain to fit their needs.

Changing Perceptions

Many people’s perceptions of cannabis are changing. In the past, people were warned that using marijuana was dangerous and could be deadly, although there was no evidence to support this claim. Some even believed that there was a link between cannabis use and heroin addictions. Today, however, people believe that cannabis doesn’t come with a lot of risks. Instead, it’s seen as a natural and safe product. Still, a known risk of using the herb is impaired driving. Another reason for the increased popularity is that the legal status of the herb is changing. Many U.S. states allow the use of medical marijuana, and others have approved limited recreational use. This is the case for states such as New Jersey, where you can only have access to marijuana with a New Jersey medical marijuana card.  In the past, no states allowed for use of it.

A Sense of Rebellion

Today, people are using common sense to decide whether they want to use marijuana. Think of when Prohibition ended. Even if people normally didn’t drink alcohol, they started to so they could make a point. It was all about celebrating the freedoms they thought they should have had all along. For many younger people, the perceptions of the past don’t matter since they weren’t around them. But older adults remember messages telling them that cannabis was harmful, and now they are learning that they were lied to for no reason. So, it is not surprising that trying the herb is an instinct for many. Which is one reason why it’s great to be a weed company.


There’s a simpler reason for the increased popularity. Many find it’s enjoyable. When you get high, the psychoactive component, THC, causes your brain to release dopamine, just like heroin and cocaine do. The THC binds to your brain’s cannabinoid receptors. When this happens, it stimulates your brain to release more dopamine, which can activate the reward system.

That is why marijuana often has pleasurable effects. But the herb doesn’t affect only the parts of your brain that make you feel good. THC might interact with the receptors responsible for controlling other kinds of behavior. For example, some strains can influence the parts of your brain that control decision-making, pain perception, memory, and concentration. That’s why so many people choose to use it for chronic pain. Now it’s time to grab your best glass bong and celebrate our favorite plant. 

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