Is Buying THC-O Distillate In Bulk Economical?

Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is a very famous product in the market among marijuana-based product users. Its retail is expanding massively in recent times while showing promising signs of even more growth. According to a Statista study, in 2020, marijuana-based products had a market size of more than 12,000 million USD. The global pandemic might have had a role in this massive amount. It is because organic products like THC help in relieving stress. Honestly, the lockdowns, horrific news of cases worldwide, and distance from our loved ones have not been easy on us. In Addition to the stress-relieving purposes, there are also medicinal values of these compounds.

In times when there is an increased demand for such products, bulk orders become very practical. In this article, we discuss THC-O and how ordering it in bulk can be economically beneficial for you. It is a simple process as you can even shop THC-O distillate in bulk online.

What is THC-O

Tetrahydrocannabinol is a crucial element of any marijuana-based product. It is what decides the effectiveness of the trance state in the consumer. Higher THC content translates to a higher degree of trance. Hemp is the main constituent in the THC extract. It interacts with neural receptors in the brain, and the overall effect depends upon the potency (of the substance). There are also a lot of medicinal qualities in hemp extract. 

There is a twist, however. The THC-O distillate is not the same as your usual THC distillate. Scientifically, there is an additional acetate molecule that creates the difference. In simpler terms, the presence of the new acetate molecule won’t let the extract mix with solvents like water. Hence, the product, when consumed, does not mix with the blood of the user. This property puts its potency above its counterparts available in the market. There is additional stability in the THC-O distillate that makes it stronger. There is a THC content of more than 0.3%, which has led to the FDA being unable to approve it in the United States of America.

What sets THC-O apart from typical THC

THC-O (THCO or ATHC) is usually known as THC-O-Acetate. It is a potent variant of THC. Similar to THC, the THC-O creates a trance feeling in the consumer. This effect, however, can be way more psychedelic in THC-O. In smaller quantities, it is similar to delta 9 THC. Medium quantities are a different story as the visual and mental effects are more potent. It is worth keeping in mind that larger quantities of THC-O consumption can be harmful to the user.

There is a lot to know about THC-O, especially for someone who thinks of consuming it. For starters, as mentioned before, it is much more potent than the usual THC. The difference is because of the acetylated volume of THC-O. Once ingested, the (-O) functional group vanishes. 

Additionally, there is another cannabinoid compound called THCP. It is even more severe than THC-O, with impacts as hard as 30 times that of delta 9 THC.

Better control of dosage

There are not a lot of formal reports on THC-O dosages. It is just the result of a lot of trial and error from various anonymous consumers. 

However, These results give us a rough estimation of the values. THC-O is thrice as potent as the delta 9 THC compound.

Any higher value might have different impacts on your mind. When smoking, a quantity of 1 and 5 mg and between 3 and 10 mg for oral consumption (gummy or tincture) falls in the psychoactive spectrum. On the other hand, values around the 15 mg mark lead to psychedelic effects.

But it is advised to consume that much only when you are well aware of the impacts of lower dosages. 

When you order THC-O in bulk, you also reduce the chances of missing out on some of your doses. That’s because when you buy it in a larger quantity, you’d not have to worry about it running out too soon. You can adapt your doses according to the diet plan decided by your doctor. For instance, if you take a smaller serving on one day of the week and need a bigger one on another, a bulk order could make that feasible.  

In summary, this is how THC-O dosages look like:  

Entrance Level Doses- 2 mg oral / 0.5 mg smoked. 

Psychoactive Doses- 3-10 mg oral / 1-5 mg smoked. 

Psychedelic Doses- >10 mg. Specifically around the 15 mg mark.

Buying THC-O distillate

When looking for THC-O distillate, people typically go to their trusted local vendors and pick up a few ounces of the product. This purchase is usually made based on the budget that the consumer has. However, in a few days, the supplies inevitably run out. And hence, the whole process repeats.

What people fail to recognize in the statements made earlier are a few problems that may be fixable. The general person usually does not count the hidden expenses in the whole process. There are travel expenses and, more importantly, the time lost in buying the products. But there is no need to worry. There is a way to get your beloved product more cost-effectively. It might be worth your time and money to look into buying THC-O distillate in bulk.

Benefits of buying in bulk

The first and foremost benefit when buying almost anything in bulk is, of course, a price deduction. Whenever you buy something in a larger quantity, you instinctively ask for a reduced total price. The same logic applies here as well. The vendor may give you a 5-10% discount on the total bill value. The cost reduction usually depends on the quantity you have purchased. This deal ultimately brings down the cost/ounce for you. The one slight disadvantage might be spending a heftier amount at one go. However, the purchase is still beneficial when you look at the bigger picture. Buying in bulk also saves you the time of going to the vendor many times. 

Attractive combo offers

Buying THC-O distillate may also get you various combo offers and hence more choices. When you get products in larger quantities, you become eligible for offers that smaller purchases can’t get you. For instance, there might be offers running that ensure you get freebies. You may also get some additional THC-O for the same price. Apart from these, there are better chances for free shipping on larger orders. 


The THC-O is not a new product in the market. It has been in circulation for decades. However, its popularity plunged in recent years, and it became way more prominent than it was. There are various new analogs of THC in the market now. For instance, the surge of delta 8 THC. Before 2019, there was only one delta 9 THC. However, now, there are many different types. These different variants promise different characteristic experiences for the user. 

The popularity of THC is likely to thrive even more, based on recent performances. It may be the pandemic or increased mental stress in almost every individual’s life, but there is an increased need for coping mechanisms. The THC-O can be a functional coping mechanism indeed. 

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