Download WhatsApp Messenger for Nokia N9 (Unofficially) Here

If you’re proud owners of Nokia N9, but not satisfied because you’re not able to download WhatsApp Messenger which is popular cross-platform instant messaging application for Smartphone, then this article is definitely the one you love to read.

Wazapp for Nokia N9

WhatsApp is one of the best instant messenger which is very popular among Smartphone users. Unfortunately this amazing application is not available for Nokia N9, even a large portion of the community is dying to get this app on their device so that they can also count themselves in Whatsapp community. But the sad news is that WhatsApp officials have no plan to develop this app for these Nokia Smartphone.

Now the question is,  How to download and Install WhatsApp on Nokia N9? If it’s not available officially? By keeping this question in mind I decided to cover this article. As many developers are putting their hard efforts so that they can make a port of WhatsApp for these meego device by Nokia

And I’m glad that today I’m in front of you with applications similar to WhatsApp which can do anything which official app can do for you i.e. Wazapp. And all credits for this app go to Tarek Galal from  Below you’re going to read about Wazapp and a tutorial that will guide you complete installation process.

What is Wazapp

It’s an unofficial Meego- Harmattan or community port of Whatsapp for N9. Using this application you get almost every feature which official Whatsapp app provides you. With this you can communicate with all of your friends who’s using Whatsapp. This application features group conversation, sharing music, videos, music, contacts and even location.

How to Download and Install Wazapp on Nokia N9

Below you’re going to read about step to step guide that will show you procedure to install Wazapp on your Nokia N9

Disclaimer: ”If you are using this app on your device then you are responsible for anything you do to your device. As all modifications is checked on the author’s Nokia N9, there are no guarantees it will work on a different Nokia N9 or other mobile phone. Also Whatswithtech will not take any responsibility of  hardware or software damage, telecommunication charges, or legal implications.

1. The first thing you need to do is download Wazapp and install it on your mobile device.

Wazapp for Nokia N9 (1)

2. Once the application is installed on your mobile device it will look like below screenshot in your home screen.

Wazapp for Nokia N9 (2)

3. Now click on Wazapp icons and enter your country code for verification, its first step of registering your mobile number with Wazapp. This step is very similar to WhatsApp.

Wazapp for Nokia N9 (3)

Note: Make sure to add number without any special characters.

4. After adding the number, you need to hit enter and you will get message i.e. “Sending Registration Request”

Wazapp for Nokia N9 (4)

5. And in few seconds you will get a message i.e. “This Wazapp account is connected to”. Now here you can add your name under “push your name option” and click save.

Wazapp for Nokia N9 (5).png

6. Now you will get a screen showing “No Conversation Yet”, it automatically in to chat screen. To switch to contacts you can click on the contact button on the bottom of the screen.

Wazapp for Nokia N9 (6)

7. Your contact image will look like the image shown below:

Wazapp for Nokia N9 (7)

8. The image below will show how you menu look likes

Wazapp for Nokia N9 (8)

9. To sync contact you need click on “Sync Contact button” in the menu of the app.

10. Chat between your friends will look like below snapshot. The gray color boxes is your message, while blue color boxes in chat window are those messages which you got from your friends.

Wazapp for Nokia N9 (9)

11. Whenever you got message you will get a blue color flag will pop up on top of your home screen.

12. Also, if you love to use auto rotate mode then it will look like

Wazapp for Nokia N9 (10)

So this is how you can enjoy WhatsApp on your Nokia application. So give a try to Wazapp and let us know whether app works fine for you or not. You might face some difficulty while using app keep patience all issues will be fixed in an upcoming update of this app.  Keep up with all Wazapp related things to keep enjoying the app.

Guide Image Credits: EverythingN9

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