Download WhatsApp Messenger for Nokia N9 (Unofficially) Here

If you’re proud owners of Nokia N9, but not satisfied because you’re not able to download WhatsApp Messenger which is popular cross-platform instant messaging application for Smartphone, then this article is definitely the one you love to read.

Wazapp for Nokia N9

WhatsApp is one of the best instant messenger which is very popular among Smartphone users. Unfortunately this amazing application is not available for Nokia N9, even a large portion of the community is dying to get this app on their device so that they can also count themselves in Whatsapp community. But the sad news is that WhatsApp officials have no plan to develop this app for these Nokia Smartphone.

Now the question is,  How to download and Install WhatsApp on Nokia N9? If it’s not available officially? By keeping this question in mind I decided to cover this article. As many developers are putting their hard efforts so that they can make a port of WhatsApp for these meego device by Nokia

And I’m glad that today I’m in front of you with applications similar to WhatsApp which can do anything which official app can do for you i.e. Wazapp. And all credits for this app go to Tarek Galal from  Below you’re going to read about Wazapp and a tutorial that will guide you complete installation process.

What is Wazapp

It’s an unofficial Meego- Harmattan or community port of Whatsapp for N9. Using this application you get almost every feature which official Whatsapp app provides you. With this you can communicate with all of your friends who’s using Whatsapp. This application features group conversation, sharing music, videos, music, contacts and even location.

How to Download and Install Wazapp on Nokia N9

Below you’re going to read about step to step guide that will show you procedure to install Wazapp on your Nokia N9

Disclaimer: ”If you are using this app on your device then you are responsible for anything you do to your device. As all modifications is checked on the author’s Nokia N9, there are no guarantees it will work on a different Nokia N9 or other mobile phone. Also Whatswithtech will not take any responsibility of  hardware or software damage, telecommunication charges, or legal implications.

1. The first thing you need to do is download Wazapp and install it on your mobile device.

Wazapp for Nokia N9 (1)

2. Once the application is installed on your mobile device it will look like below screenshot in your home screen.

Wazapp for Nokia N9 (2)

3. Now click on Wazapp icons and enter your country code for verification, its first step of registering your mobile number with Wazapp. This step is very similar to WhatsApp.

Wazapp for Nokia N9 (3)

Note: Make sure to add number without any special characters.

4. After adding the number, you need to hit enter and you will get message i.e. “Sending Registration Request”

Wazapp for Nokia N9 (4)

5. And in few seconds you will get a message i.e. “This Wazapp account is connected to”. Now here you can add your name under “push your name option” and click save.

Wazapp for Nokia N9 (5).png

6. Now you will get a screen showing “No Conversation Yet”, it automatically in to chat screen. To switch to contacts you can click on the contact button on the bottom of the screen.

Wazapp for Nokia N9 (6)

7. Your contact image will look like the image shown below:

Wazapp for Nokia N9 (7)

8. The image below will show how you menu look likes

Wazapp for Nokia N9 (8)

9. To sync contact you need click on “Sync Contact button” in the menu of the app.

10. Chat between your friends will look like below snapshot. The gray color boxes is your message, while blue color boxes in chat window are those messages which you got from your friends.

Wazapp for Nokia N9 (9)

11. Whenever you got message you will get a blue color flag will pop up on top of your home screen.

12. Also, if you love to use auto rotate mode then it will look like

Wazapp for Nokia N9 (10)

So this is how you can enjoy WhatsApp on your Nokia application. So give a try to Wazapp and let us know whether app works fine for you or not. You might face some difficulty while using app keep patience all issues will be fixed in an upcoming update of this app.  Track all things here

Guide Image Credits: EverythingN9

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    Help me download whatsapp for my nokia n9

  7. Jenny says:

    hello,I’ve problem to install wzzapp,it’s said missing file, like app-launcher,lib-account ,python..etc …i try to find this file …but i didn’t …so now what should i do…???!!!! 🙁

  8. Jarek says:

    Same here. No sms with the code. Looks that it’s almost impossible to be able to use Wazapp/WhatsApp for Nokia N9. Pity.

  9. Hussein says:

    no any message is been sent to me #verification code. it’s only displays that “reason fails old version”

  10. Zohaib says:

    Whatsapp fr n9 🙁

  11. derrick reuben sikolia says:

    hey have tried to download the wazapp for Nokia n9 buts its failing everytime what can i do i seriously need this app

  12. aysha says:

    i cant download whatsapp on my n9.i tried wazapp it keeps on sayin old version.where is the new version?i need it pls….my phone is useless witout watsapp…i hate it

  13. maanu says:

    I cant access to wazapp too as if I continue wid it ,, there occur an error that the version is old. whats the matter here..

  14. izie says:

    pliz do it for me i nid whatsApp for nokia N9

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    plz tel me how 2 to install whats app in my nokia n9

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    how to download for nokia n9

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    Hello!! Im from Vietnam
    The version for Nokia n9 cannot be used, it said ” old version” and send no code for me? Please help!!!!

  18. Its this app also works on Nokia 950 ?? Please tell me I’m looking for this app badly

  19. vasudha says:

    hey plz send the link frm whr i cn dwnload whatsapp for computer.

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    Could you please guide me to get whatssap in my Nokina N900

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  23. Hi viney
    i had one question pls reply as soon as possible, it is posible to use whatsapp on computer if yes than how can i use it?
    Umesh Tarsariya

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  25. hoss says:

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i need it for n900 so badly so can any one help

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    please, when is whatsapp for nokia n 900 coming. i am really tired of waiting

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    plz helppe me to download whatsapp and skype on my phone nokia n 900 thank u

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    i want WhatsApp for my nokia N9! plsssssssssssssssss :((

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    when whatsapp coming

  30. hugo says:

    when whatsapp coming?

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    I downloaded wazapp on my nokia N9 but im not able to send pics or see pics uploaded by my friends…
    in group chat im not able to see the names of the people who send the msg…..
    pls help

  32. eddy says:

    i regret buying Nokia N900. no use of this ph atoll.. cant download most of the cool applications just because this ph doesn’t support any. all i can download is those apps which are useless to me. got fooled with its looks. as far as fun is concerned, N900 totally pissed me off with its failures while downloading apps.

    Nokia you seriously let me down..!!!

  33. Noel says:

    muite mushe vanhu ve nokia manzwakka kushays whattsapp pa n9 haa nxu haa

  34. Eman says:

    Almost 6month since I had the N9, I feel bad
    Yet can not download whatsapp or wazapp

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    me gustaria tener whatsapp en mi nokia n9

  36. Camilen says:

    Plz hlp us whte wazzup cz ths n9 mkes us negative

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    Up to today I’m still trying to download Whatsapp on my Nokia N9 and still no luck Nokia has really taken me back to 1990’s..Nokia N8 was better…

  38. Mobile Price Pakistan says:

    Hi there, I think I made ​​a big mistake. I downloaded the Messenger WhatsApp my N9. The transfer happened and now I can not find anywhete on my phone. I want to uninstall it if it is useless or harmful. thank you

  39. Jabu says:

    Big regret of buying a n9 its a smart phone with a lot of useless applications, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone…

    • Nelson Mofokeng says:

      Hi Jabu I agree with you N9 is a useless phone,I’ve had it for a while I’m so upset and feel let down by Nokia..I’ve been Nokia fan and as from now on I dont want anything to do with it…Apple phone

      • Mr.Nokia says:

        Are you a moron????
        That’s not nokia’s problem
        It’s whatapp problem you lame oi
        iphone ????? no thank you I dont want it because iphone means=idiot phone

  40. Shidi says:

    I juz throw my N9 to the wall and got myself a new Samsung Note. N9 is such a big rip off. There’s 2nd camera for nothing and no whatsapp. Go samsung!

  41. Thodu says:

    Onething i regret is getting myself an N9 and i discourage people wanting to buy one. This is a beautiful phone yet useless. I still prefer my c5.

  42. P. Coffee says:

    This Nokia N900 is turning out to be quite a dissappointment to me. Its getting overtaken by the rest of them other phones! Its google talk wont work on my phone… Now this famous whatsapp wont run too??!!! I regret!! I regret!!

  43. candy says:

    whatsapp fr N9 pleaseeeeee

  44. fortunate says:

    When this Wazzap application is released,will it be compatible with the original whatsapp or will it be a new application on its own?

    • cyberbob says:

      No date fixed at the moment but wazapp-logo Long live the N9. In progress. In progress

      As i already mentioned in my article that this is not official version of WhatsApp for nokia its community project under which developer try to develop the same image of this amazing app for smartphone

  45. faramarz says:

    when whatsapp coming

  46. Tracey says:

    i cant use d front camera neither can i do d video calling,,nd i also nid d whatsapp very badly

  47. roro says:

    any new updates ??

  48. Jab says:

    So how can one join the community?

  49. blob says:

    hope this is not going to be an april fools joke 🙂
    I’d really appreciate that app for my N9

  50. jab says:

    Is kind of weird that is taking this long? But its great news and can not wait for tbe final release

  51. covert clint says:

    one would think they would get onboard with nokia but not si why should we support whatsapp if they cant even help nokia out with there app. I shake my head.

  52. Marco says:

    I’m sorry I’ve to tell that, but I don’t think this is true news. WhatsApp will probably come to the N9 pretty soon, but it won’t be an official version – it’s a community made version with initially limited functions of the real WhatsApp.

    There’s only 1 published Meego (Maemo Harmattan) device, called the Nokia N9 (there’s a N950 developer-device). A “Nokia 900” doesn’t exist. There’s an older Nokia N900 which runs Maemo Fremantle and once the community-version WhatsApp is available for N9, they might also make a N900 version.

    The only multi-platform messenger available today is ebuddy XMS – WhatsApp might never make an official N9 version.

    • cyberbob says:

      Thanks for your valuable comment .You might be true friend and i know that its community project going to release on huge demand of community.

      And yes i know their is no smartphone with name Nokia 900. Actually i forget to place N before 900 at two places .

      My Apologies

      • Marco says:

        No problem 🙂 I’ve just seen the post and didn’t want any confusion. It would be best, if WhatsApp would make an official application… But they are very ignorant about that.

        Anyways, have a good weekend!

    • peter says:

      hello guys help with a link to download opera and wazzap for nokia n9 please

  53. roro says:

    Is it true?? On which day!!??

  54. rorita says:

    plz we need whatsapp soooooooooo much hurry up.

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