What gives Call of Duty: Modern Warfare an edge over its prequels?

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019

Gamers all over the world associate Call of Duty as the pioneer of gaming since 2003. Naturally, the buzz around the new revamped and amplified Modern Warfare Trilogy has left the gaming community ecstatic. 

The original version that launched in 2007 made way for several other first-person shooter (FPS) games. The reviews that the new soft reboot by Infinity Ward is garnering make it clear that this one will be more interactive, well laid-out and deliciously smooth. 

The release date for the same is fast approaching in October and based in a realistic setting, this one is going to support cross-platform multiplayer for the first time. With Activision going the extra length and creating a customized character, this COD is bound to give you a spectacular experience. 

Real, Raw and Mettlesome 

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019

One compelling factor that fans of Call of Duty can look forward too is the realism that this version will feature. It will deeply submerge you into this universe where the environment around is truly detailed and as a reviewer said,” No Russian looks like a Pixar movie” 

This time the fast-paced game of seek and destroy that COD was goes notches higher. In order to guarantee an engagement that one can truly emerge in without any pesky distraction, Friendly Fire has been disabled. 

The gritty storyline was a classic feature of the game that was missing in the later versions. For veteran fans, this was a serious let-down as the story of the game is what truly packs a punch to the whole thing. The COD this year though is returning with an exemplary campaign mode true to the old-day formula. 

Ammunition and Arsenal 

The weapon has been a crucial part of Call of Duty and this year one can expect a big upgrade in that department. Guns, grenades and other equipment in Modern Warfare will replicate their life version making things all the more hardcore. While the lack of real-life guns left much to be desired earlier, Activision seems to be more than making up for it in this version. 

Also the maps this year are extensive which means that the players would be provided with an invigorating battleground. It also means employing a very tactical approach as many kill streaks can be tricky to dodge. Adding to the excitement is another highlight of the maps which is their ability to accommodate vehicles and support various playstyles. 

Scraping off the season pass is another major plus as fans get to enjoy free updates on all maps and guns. While the fate of surprise mechanics is still unclear as of now, the other changes will surely have fans hooked.   

The comeback of Special Features 

This year Modern Warfare has discarded away with the zombies and instead brought in the co-op spec ops mode. This substitute makes the multiplayer game all the more mind-blowing as you can easily get your friends to join in the fun. Fans can look forward to the additional updates, which will support the Spec ops, which frankly is a welcome return for many.  

Talking of return, the create-a-class system is also back and perfectly fits into the realism theme heavy in this game. So this time when you customize your class, you will be gearing up for it completely accompanied by a kit in the background. The added touch of the personal customization of the gun will have you embroiled in the world of Call of Duty; hook, line and sinker. 

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