Winning In The Gulag, How To Stack The Odds In Your Favor

There are several aspects of Call of Duty’s Battle Royal mode, Warzone, that sets it apart from the other cornucopia of other battle royal titles on the market today. Like Apex Legends, Warzone has introduced a new mechanic that allows players to jump back into the fight even after being downed and eliminated. Many players will be familiar with the 1v1 map Call of Duty’s developers chose as the backdrop for this redeploy mechanic.

Enter the Gulag

If you are downed and eliminated from a round of Warzone you will find yourself being dragged into a prison complex known as the, Gulag. The Gulag was first introduced in Modern Warfare 2 but is now how players fight for their right to redeploy back into the Warzone. Winning your 1 v 1 is vital to prolonging your play time and ensuring your victory.

But you don’t have to gamble with the odds when you get sent to the Gulag. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to winning your freedom.

Them The Rules

On its face, the Gulag is essentially a Gunfight minigame. Each player starts with the same weapon, usually a pistol or shotgun. You must eliminate the enemy player or capture the overtime flag which appears in the middle of the map. The first tip to keep in mind is that your health does not regenerate during the 15-second match. So play it safe if you take an early shot. However, if you make it to overtime, your health will restore, and now may be the best time to push the center flag for the win.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve taken shots early in the match only to evade and regain my health leading me to victory. You can almost always hear the other player raging that, “they shot you a million times.” Maybe they did but they weren’t watching the health bars and you were. Now it’s time to redeploy into the battle royal.

Adapt or Die

As mentioned previously, more likely than not you will be set up with a pistol variant or shotgun and no secondary weapon to start the match. Be sure to change your play style according to the weapon you spawn with. If you have a pistol don’t be afraid to push and remember to aim for the head. When given a shotgun remember range is almost always an issue.

Watch the Lanes

Like most Call of Duty maps the Gulag sports a three-lane set up. Before the match starts you are able to see the outline of the enemy player at the opposite end of the map. Take this opportunity to see which way they are facing. Do they look like they are going to push left, right or up the middle lane? Paying attention to where the other player is looking can lead to a quick win if you play it right.

Tactically Lethal

When your Gulag match first begins you will not have access to your tactical or lethal equipment. After about five seconds the equipment will activate and you will be able to use it. At this point you have to make a split-second decision, should you toss that grenade or will using your flash get you caught without your weapon in hand?

If you have a claymore or proximity mine, toss it down. It can’t hurt and might just get you the win. Grenades can bounce and could end your game where as semtex sticks to its target and is often the safer move. Regardless, how you use your equipment can change the match in an instant.


Winning in the Gulag is not a guaranteed but it doesn’t have to be a complete gamble. You can increase your odds by following these tips and playing smart.

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