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25 Websites To Stream Favorite TV Shows Online For Free

Stream TV Shows Online for Free

If you’re looking for some of the best websites to Stream Favorite TV Shows Online for Free, then you must check this article. As we manage to cover some of them.

Stream TV Shows Online for Free

Often we find that the lives we lead makes us miss on important things like our daily quota of the latest episode of our favorite soap among many other things. Then what do you do? You can go to these sites and simply catch up on the missed serials whenever you have the time to spare. Here is an amazing list of sites which allows you to watch TV shows Online.

1. Alluc

Has an immense assimilation of 17992 TV soaps that you can choose from to watch and enjoy at your leisure.

2. Alkaos

It carries the full stream of episodes of many popular television soap operas.

3. Beeline TV

Has 159 channels and is completely free of cost


You can even catch up with the whole lot of episodes from the start on the most happening soaps on TV by simply logging in to this site.

5. Channel surfr

This site a list of most television soaps that are going on. Simply click on the one you want and catch up that too with excellent video clarity.  Now you have very less reason to sulk when work and other commitments pulls you away from the TV.


This one has some of the popular television soaps like Prison Break, Lost, How I met your mother, Criminal minds, the ever popular Friends amongst others. You can simply browse through the 2000 choices given here to pick the one you want.

7. Streamrick

This one is quite a popular site for people wanting to watch their soaps on the net. You can even catch the episode live from over 300 channels. You can even catch up with your favorite game or news on this online site

8. Video.mynet

You get to watch your most preferred soap on this site

9. Intrupo

This one allows you to catch up on the missed episodes of your favorite soap for free and even without having to go through the process of signing up.

10. Gameplayland

Carries many of the hit TV soap operas like Young Indiana Johns, Murder she wrote, Journey to the north, & 7th Heaven etc on this website

11. TVunderground

This website too offers an immensely huge collection of popular television soap operas that you can watch online

12. Myspace

It is great fun to watch a serial online at this site


This one makes up for all those missed episodes due to work pressure by providing the newest and most popular TV soaps online.

14. Xfinitytv

You can catch up on complete episodes by simply logging in to this website

15. Sopcast

This one offers channels from beyond the border

16. SideReel

Once again a sought after site for watching online TV soaps

17. Krazy community

You can catch up on soaps and serials from India on this site


This one offers you channels in a list format. Browse through them spot your serial and then watch in online. You can also catch up on news, sports, music among other things

19. Veoh

You can watch your soaps online from the immense collection on this site.

20. Vidlist

Has an astounding collection of Soaps and also allows you to watch movies and many videos online.

21. Videostic

You can catch up on the soaps you missed right here, even without having to download the same

22. Live-online_TV

You can play the TV serials available here online

23. TVduck

A website that lets you watch serial episodes you have missed online

24. Show-links

This one gives you an organized list of TV soaps and serials in the hundreds. You need to simply log in and then watch the ones you want

25. Watchthisfree

The name says it all; watch your serial on this website

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