Unforgettable Home Security Tips To Keep Off Intruders

Typing security code on alarm keybord, to turn it off.

Enhancing your home security should be your number one priority. When you revamp your home security, you will have safeguarded yourself, your family members and, your property from danger. Here are ten unforgettable home security hacks to keep off intruders and how to protect your home from burglary.

Use Security Cameras

Using surveillance cameras is one of the best home security hacks. Security cameras will keep your home secure by capturing the images of intruders. 

There are different types of security cameras. These include dome cameras, bullet cameras and IR day/night cameras. You should choose from these three types of surveillance cameras based on your security needs. And consider taking time to look into a doorbell camera while you are at it.

Also, there are various factors which you should decide on first before purchasing a security camera. These are the type of sensors, lens and, the amount of resolution. You should choose a surveillance camera which has the best match of lens and sensors with the resolution levels. 

Buy A New Home Security System

The surest way to keep off intruders is to buy a new home security system. Essentially, a security system will do all it can to fortify your house. 

There are various issues which you should think of first before making a move to purchase a security system. These issues include the cost, the mode of installation, the terms of guarantee and the monitoring system. 

If you already possess a security system, you should check it to find whether it is functioning properly. If you see that it is damaged, you should replace it with a new one. Replacing an old security system with a new one is not costly. What’s more – some security companies will issue you with a lifetime guarantee policy.

It is also advisable to put your surveillance cameras in non-conspicuous places.  If you put them inconspicuous areas, thugs will easily spot them. They will then spoil them first before they break into your house. 

Put Up a Show of Being Present

Of course, when you travel far away; you usually fear for the safety of your property. However, as asserted by South Burnett Times, the surest way to safeguard your house when far away is to pretend that you are there. 

When thugs know that you are not present, they will go to whatever lengths possible to steal your prized items. Most criminals know that they can get away easily breaking into your home when you are not present. This is why you should always put up a show of being present. 

You can put up a show by doing various things. For instance; you can purchase smart lamps which you will set on timers. Or perhaps you can leave your television on if you will not be around for a short time. 

However, if you won’t be around for a long time; you should take severe pretention measures of being there. For example; you can instruct a trusted relative to be driving in and out of your compound at specific times.  

Pay Extra Caution to Your Spare Key

As highlighted by Survival Frog, you should be careful with the way you handle your spare key. If you are not careful with it, thieves may come across it and use it to steal your property. 

You should never hide your spare key in your outdoor areas. Most thugs possess tracking devices which they usually use to find your ‘hidden’ spare keys. 

The most convenient method of keeping your spare key is to give it either to a trusted relative or friend. This way, you can easily access it when your regular keys get lost. 

Swap Your Wooden Front Door with A Metallic One

If your house has a wooden front door, you should swap it with a metallic one. This will help you to keep off intruders. 

Typically, robbers will want to get away with your prized items in the shortest time possible.  A strong metallic front door will prevent robbers from breaking into your house. This door will scare them away since they won’t be able to force it open in a short period.

Even if purchasing a new door is quite expensive, it is an unforgettable tip to scare away intruders. Moreover, you will have increased the value of your home. 

Maintain Your Outdoor Areas

Your outdoor areas should always be kept neat and well-trimmed. If you don’t maintain your outdoor areas, you will create prospective hiding spots for thieves. 

Many people do not know that bushy shrubs, and overgrown flowers will expose them to danger. Thieves frequently search for a place to hide in as they spy on you. You should thus eliminate all hiding spots in your outdoor areas. This will keep off intruders. 


With these home security hacks in mind, fortifying your house will be easier. Due to the rising cases of insecurity in our country today, you should implement these tips to keep off intruders. 

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